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“In this world, nothing is binary, except Death & taxes”

OK, so I took some serious liberties paraphrasing from Ben’s original quote. However, it doesn’t make my title any less true.

As with many of my posts, this one is probably going to piss off people on both sides of the political spectrum. Again, just because it pisses you off, doesn’t mean that what I am saying is false.

I have a rather eclectic group of individuals among my Facebook friends.  The ONLY groups I refuse to accept a friend request from are those either on the Alt-Right or on the (not media named, but essentially means the same kind of people but on the opposite end of the spectrum) Alt-Left.

I’ll be just as blunt with my reasons for refusing them as I am with any other subject. It’s very simple — they are zealots / extremists / fanatics — and I will have absolutely NONE of those who are on the fringe if EITHER the Left OR the Right.

Just as an aside: I FIRMLY disagree with’s inclusion of the word ‘activist’ in their synonyms for each of the red, underlined words in the above paragraph!

Sadly, I believe that because the definition of activist includes the word vigorous, that somehow means that vigorous is exactly the same as ardor or fervor for a zealot; exactly the same as farthest from the middle or farthest removed from the ordinary or average for an extremist; or exactly the same as an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal for a fanatic. I believe that if you have absolutely ANY analytical ability you can see that the above is nowhere NEAR exactly the same.

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Context Is Everything


I had Facebook discussion with a cousin that was a tangent from the actual original post but was very enlightening nonetheless.

Now, one of the things that is clear is that my cousin is a conservative.  And while I prefer to stick to a centrist point of view (with, yes, I admit, liberal leanings — particularly in the case of social justice), I do try to understand what makes people tick. I particularly want to understand when those people are closer to the ends of the spectrum (on both ends) than myself.

In this case, we were having a discussion about the differences perceived when two or more people are discussing words like “racism,” “sexism” or other assorted -isms. The complaint was that people were re-defining those words to “suit themselves.”

This led not only to a discussion of the denotation versus connotation of a word, but how  the connotation of a word can change depending upon the context of the person or persons involved as well as the conversation in which it is being used.

When people use the word “context,” it is most often used as relating to words or the surrounding paragraphs of a word or phrase.  What people forget is that “context” has more use than just in relation to words.

Look at a thesaurus and you will find some of the synonyms of “context” include: situation, environment, “frame of reference,” condition and setting.

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