About Demonized

Demonization is the process by which one individual, group or society chooses to dehumanize another individual, group or society.  It is a process that is rampant in the world’s history, and also today.  Many consider it to be simple “human nature” and therefore something that cannot be avoided.

I choose not to believe that.

Because of who I am, the behaviors I choose to exhibit, and the choices I make, I am often considered an “outcast” by society.  All that really means is that I do not follow the cookie-cutter stereotypes that others project onto me because of those things.  I choose to challenge those stereotypes, not because I’m a rebel or an attention-seeking media hound, but because I know I am not alone in those sub-categories of humanity.  I challenge them so that others can find the strength in themselves to challenge their detractors.

Unlike many, I believe that my fellow humans have far more strength inside them than is usually expected.  I believe if given support, they too can stand up and let their voices be heard.

Too often, it is the nay-sayers, the detractors, those who intentionally demonize someone “different” than themselves whose voice is heard louder than those who wish to support each other in this journey we call life.

Well, this is one voice that chooses to cry out in the desert of humanity, and say: “You are not alone!”

Please Note, I will not approve any post that preaches, especially if it is not in any way appropriate to the post on which it is commenting. If you wish to preach, start your own blog. I will no more give you advertising space than I would a troll or a spammer.

This is not to say that you cannot be religious or spiritual when commenting. As long as the discussion stays civil, I encourage discussion. But, I wouldn’t allow my family (which includes Christian ministers) to preach on this blog, although I trust them, so why should I let anyone else?


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