This Is Our Reality

While I work on a post that requires a hell of a lot of research, I ask you to be patient, just like you have been patient for most of this year because of my health issues. But here’s a quicky to keep you going.

via The surprising number of American adults who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows – The Washington Post

7% of all American adults (that’s 16.4 million) people believe that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.

How is this surprising to absolutely ANYONE who has a couple brain cells to rub together?

We have the person who called in to the KanKakee Daily Journal’s Speakout line (seen to the right) who may or may not have been a joke.  Sadly, I have met SOME people who do actually believe that the meat in the grocery stores are in no way related to actual living animals.

Then we have Donna, “the Deer Lady,”. The audio clip from Y94 Playhouse Fargo, ND radio station states that the “Deer Crossing signs” should be moved to lower traffic areas so the deer know to avoid the higher traffic areas.  Now, there is a follow-up phone call in which she admits to not knowing that the signs for people not deer. But she also claims to have been raised in a small, rural North Dakota town.

I didn’t know a lot about rural towns before moving to one, but I can tell you that there is NO person of driving age in this town that doesn’t know road signs are for PEOPLE. It takes a special kind of stupid to grow up in a rural town and not have a good basis in the facts of living in an area where you are likely to have to deal with wild animals when driving. Not counting the 2 deer or the one raccoon I’ve hit in the last 25 years of visiting my sister up here, I have also almost had an accident by a coyote crossing the rural highway (with no signs about it — but I know damned well deer are not the only animal to cross roads and I’ve primarily lived in urban spaces).

Wisconsin DOT requires a crash report form when there is the likelihood of damage to a vehicle or property over $1,000, when there is over $200 of damage to governmental property that is not a vehicle, or a person is injured. As in my recent crash involving a deer (with my parents in the car no less), while we called 911 and reported the incident, the officer assessed he was not required to write up the report, but advised me that I needed to do so as the driver of the vehicle.

Look, we as humans MUST be aware that the rest of the world is NOT illusion, and that our actions IMPACT the inhabitants of this world. Even the issues of “chocolate cow’s milk” or “grocery meat isn’t animals” indicate a complete and total dissociation to the real world. Sometimes this dissociation is spurred on by marketing campaigns, such as PETA’s attempt to stop commercial AND private fishing by renaming fish as sea kittens.”

And before you start claiming that I’m only applying stupidity to the more liberal end of the spectrum (many of the sterotypes involve some form of liberality), there are just as many stupid, unreal assumptions on the conservative side.  Things like Todd Akin and his “legitimate rape” comments.  Sadly, in a reality that it seems both ends of the spectrum don’t understand or who are not willing to be educated or in any other way helped to understand the reality of those “not like them.”

Even among white people, there are judgements based on a lack of awareness that other people live completely different lives than themselves.

So, next time you see that meme, or something that should qualify for a Darwin Award, or even something stupid like “DO NOT stop chainsaw with hands or genitals”, please keep in mind, there are REALLY people out there who choose not to think at all.

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