Dies Heil (Latin for “Days of Hell”)

I don’t remember where I originally heard this Latin phrase. But it is very descriptive of how I feel as an American right now. No, I’m not planning on dumping on the people who voted for Trump. Some of them did so not because they are racist, sexist, homophobic or any other label you want to give them.  So, why did they?

And no, not all of them are “rural hicks” as many urbanites seem to want to paint them.

Some of them actually have traditionally voted Democratic.

We have to talk about the elephant in the room that isn’t President Trump (and, yes, I cringe when I say that. But I was taught to give respect to the office of President regardless of who sat in the Oval Office) who is over in the other corner stomping on our Constitution.

The Democratic Party shot itself in the foot. And they are still not taking responsibility for what they did.  Party insiders decided that Clinton was “THE Candidate” even though there were real concerns about her ethics and her choices. No, it wasn’t a “Republican smear campaign” as they tried to reframe those concerns.  Those of us who have actually watched her rise to power who didn’t trust her had very good reasons for doing so.

But the party leaders wanted to follow up after the “first African-American President” (That seems like it should be a trademarked phrase, as often as I have heard it spoken about) with the “first female President.” And instead of actually looking around for a woman who didn’t have Clinton’s additional baggage, they chose instead to force her onto their constituency.  THAT is as much a reason for why we have Trump as our president as all of the other reasons people are talking about.

There are a number of counties here in Wisconsin (rural ones, not just urban ones) who have traditionally voted Democratic. And the party let them down.  Part of that is, yes, that President Obama was faced with the most obstructionist Congress in history — and for no other reason than he is African-American. But in many cases, he sold out those to whom he promised change.  He compromised too far, failing many of those living in poverty — who have since the turn of the century been being joined by those who previously could be considered “middle class.”

Is it really a big surprise that they looked at the two candidates and expected the status quo from Clinton? It’s not that they respected Trump. It is — plainly and simply — that he was not part of the typical political power structure.

Was that a poor and naïve choice? Well, yes.

But after decades of being offered the status quo on both sides, is it actually a surprise that they hoped he would be different?

Yes, he’s acting just like many of us were afraid of. But, to put an attacking label that tars ALL Trump voters as having the same reason for voting is no different than an actual homophobic bigot saying that ALL people who are LGBTQ are somehow pedophiles because SOME pedophiles are also gay.

We are faced with a very dangerous situation. But the ONLY way we as Americans have survived such dangers is to band together.  And that means banding together with some of the very people who voted for Trump.  Yes, they have buyers’ remorse.  They don’t need to be beaten around the head and shoulders with that reality.

He’s nowhere near done with his first 100 days, and he is already showing how much of a danger to our Constitution that he is. He wants to be a dictator, even if he doesn’t know how to define the word. I don’t personally know any conservatives who would actually WANT a dictator and would happily fight to overthrow anyone who attempted to be one, including President Trump.

Beating the dead horse of blame isn’t going to allow us to band together to live through the next few years.  All it really does is encourage the ones who want to own our government.  They want us fighting each other because that way they can get away with whatever they want while we’re distracted pointing fingers at each other.


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