Divination, Prophecy & Fear


The real difference between divination and prophecy is that prophecy claims to be a communication directly from the prophet’s form of the Divine and is purported to give a more globalized view. Divination, on the other hand, is a way to assess trends in one’s personal life (either the diviner’s life or the person they are doing it for).

However, both come through the mind of the person giving the pronouncement. Many prophets claim that since the source of the prophecy is the Divine that there is no interpretation. A good example of this is Book of Revelation in the Bible. Except, even though this is considered to be the “inspired word of God” (essentially directly from God through the pen of the writer — with no interpretation) there have been centuries worth of assorted interpretation of it in different ways.

But, it doesn’t really matter what claims that are made. It doesn’t even really matter what the prophet or diviner thinks about it.

The reality of the situation is that no matter the source, communicating that information still has to come through the mind of the person making the proclamation. This means that the information received is given a subjective twist.

While the dictionary definition of bias includes the word prejudice, bias really only means perspective. It can be a good or bad perspective.

I’ve previously discussed the concept of subjective reality. We all have a particular perspective through which we see the world. This bias informs everything we do, everything we say and every choice in our lives. The diviner or prophet, just like the rest of us, have their own perspective through which they see the world.

So, ultimately, what does that mean?

Often, both divination and prophecy seem needed when a person is scared, lacks confidence, struggles and wants a nudge in the right direction. Yet, this is also the worst time to turn to any view of the future.

In essence, whatever information we receive will at minimum be colored by at least one mind. If you aren’t the prophet or diviner, it will be informed by at least two separate subjective realities.

We all know that making emotionally based choices, unless it is a matter of life and death, should not happen.  Yet, so many of us in this world ignore that maxim, and it inevitably comes back to bite us in the ass.

Add in these pronouncements and we will always interpret this future in ways that seem so clear while in crisis. Problem is that when the crisis is over, we look back on what happened and see that your interpretation was very likely to have been far too subjective.

Think back to historical oracles. Seers have given pronouncements, which tended to be obscure.  They weren’t to the person giving them, but the person (or people) who received it didn’t necessarily have the same perspective and found the meaning obscure. Even the Bible’s prophecy’s are obscure.

I see this happening now regarding President Trump’s ascension to President. The problem is that I have seen this happening with every single president for as long as I’ve been aware of politics.  Carter and Reagan were the ones I became aware of.  There are always going to be doom-sayers.

Do I like Trump? Not in a million years. Do I think he is a danger to this nation? Yes. Do I see fascism in his (and his party’s) choices? Definitely.

I’m simply saying that scaring ourselves with visions of doom actually has a negative impact on our ability to stand up for what is right. It saps our energy and encourages us to pessimistically declare that we must endure, because the future is inevitable and we can’t change it.

The future is NEVER written in stone.  In fact, it is written in mud. Your choices and other people’s choices will always change the future. Your responsibility is to make the right choices and do the right things.


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