Not Offended, Just Sick

Now, I completely understand the idea that if you make a parody of a popular song that you hope you can ride on it’s coattails in the hopes of some form of Internet stardom.  I really do.  Hell, even doing a cover of it can add to a musical group’s popularity, such as the Haschak Sisters’ version:

But when someone’s parody (No, I won’t paste your parody on my blog — not when it takes up all of the disgusting tropes that artists like Meghan Trainor and the Haschak Sisters are trying to destroy) uses all of the exact same tropes that women — and particularly women of size — are fighting, simply so they can be treated like human beings then yes, I will publicly comment upon it.

Meghan Trainor is a body acceptance advocate.  Even the  “complaints” about her song “All About That Bass” were baseless (see the quote below).

I’m bringing booty back
Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches
Hey no, I’m just playing
I know you think you’re fat,

But I’m here to tell you that,
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top

All About That Bass

Meghan Trainor

Added emphasis is mine.

NOTE:  If you are a feminist, and still think she’s not being a body acceptance activist, then perhaps you need glasses.  The above-quoted words specifically state that even “skinny bitches” think they’re fat but they are just as perfect as any other female body.

What are these tropes?

Well, let’s go over the ones they are using:

  1. 1

    Exaggerated Weight

    In many parodies — especially those who are parodying an actress, celebrity, musician or other publicly known woman — the “go-to” trope is to disgustingly exaggerate her weight. In fact, this is so often used that many of them tend to go for the kind of exaggerated weight that Gwyneth Paltrow shows in the movie Shallow Hal”.

    First off, I can tell you from personal experience, not everyone who weighs over 300 pounds will look ANYTHING like Gwyneth does. A fat suit may fool people who have never actually weighed over that amount, but not those of us who have actually weighed more than that. At my heaviest, I weighed 370 pounds. Yes, I had a double chin (guess what? Double chins are a genetic issue far more than a fat issue! In fact, many women have one even when they are slim. Plus, after 35 and even younger if a woman gets pregnant, people lose muscle tone and skin loses elasticity thereby giving even a slender person a double chin.), but I’ve never had a quadruple chin.

    Additionally, a fat suit is rarely “life-like” in shape. There are many kinds of shapes that a fat person has. In fact, the different “body shapes” that are touted as the “normal woman shape” show up in fat bodies too! I was an hourglass figure, even at my heaviest weight, until I got into my 40s. I used to joke that mine wasn’t an hourglass, but a century-glass.

  2. 2

    Disgusting Habits

    Parodies seem to like making it seem like their stereotype automatically has assorted disgusting, anti-social habits. Moments into the song, this parody has their fake Meghan lifting her leg and farting. As a TV trope, this essentially is every worst aspect of a “Fat Slob”. Sadly, as much as places like TV Tropes try to say this is usually only played as a male, in parodies is is almost always female. Why? Because it plays on the fears of women, and essentially says anytime she is depressed or sad, she’s going to eat and the food and grease are going to go everywhere.

  3. 3

    Psychotic Tendencies

    In the case of this parody, the psychotic tendency is extreme narcissism. In fact, more often than not when running straight to a stereotype, women in general are portrayed as psychotic freaks. Think about it, every time you hear about a “crazy ex-girlfriend,” the immediate assumptions are that she is narcissistic, manipulative, tends to emotional blackmail and crying, “irrational” jealousy (it’s only irrational because the guy thinks it is just fine to “play the field”), and a host of other examples.

    Psychology tells us that psychosis is an illness of the mind when it becomes somehow disconnected from objective reality. As a stereotype for women in general, it dismisses ANY opinions (or even facts) that a woman has or may speak of. While I may not be a fan of Hillary Clinton, she and her recent candidacy for President are a perfect example of this. How many times over the last two years have we heard about all of her supposed “crazy” or “psychotic” behaviors?

When it comes to narcissism, this parody seems to have shown that the creator of it is quite narcissistic himself.  Even as a marketer, spending 30% (slighly under 1/3 of the entire video) of the video to sell his own parodies and his channel is far too much.  Contrast that with Lindsey Stirling, who often uses a portion of her videos to  give either a sales pitch or thank the people involved (or her patron for that video), her most recent video of Hold My Heartuses only 12 seconds of a 3 minute, 53 second video (that’s a whopping 5%!).

I suppose it is a “plus” that he does other parodies, and — of course — “butt-hurt” videos (oh, yeah, like we actually give a shit what you think).

No, I’m not offended. If I got offended at every little bullshit piece of opinion I would be fucking miserable.  Thanks, but no.  I have a real life.  One that includes real problems.  The only reason I’m saying anything at all is because there’s an intersection of those real problems with his little bullshit opinions.

If you don’t think many of the things discussed above are things that cause people to give up on life (yes, I mean suicide and other self-destructive choices), then you are fooling yourself.

I’m not advocating political correctness.  I’m advocating a REAL  understanding of REAL problems.  And his entitled, narcissistic, little ass is just a single drop in an ocean of hate.


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