Fringe Lies

I made no bones about having an issue with Secretary Clinton over this last year. I sat and watched while our assorted political machines ground exceedingly fine.  Unlike the original variations of the previous idiom, this is not saying that they — like justice or the Divine — eventually return to the right action, but that they attempted to force their choices upon the public.

It’s sad that the portion of the public that is Republican were able to overwhelm their party’s puppet-makers, while the Democratic party was able to force their choices down their followers’ throats.

And now, those same supposed “leaders” are desperately trying to point fingers and avoid the repercussions of their actions.

I remember having discussions in the 80s about whether or not we would see an African-American President or a woman President during our lifetimes.  I can remember very firmly stating that before any woman was elected as President, that an African-American male would happen far earlier than a woman.  This prediction, obviously, came true.

The thing is, the Democratic party has become complacent.  They have, with the struggles of America not only during the Obama years, but also in the Bush Jr. years, felt that the Republicans have spent so much time destroying themselves that they could just push through whatever Presidential candidate they wanted and the country would fall in line with their plans.

They forgot that any government leads only upon the consent of the governed.

Yes. I happen to agree with the pundits. Of the two main Presidential candidates, only one made promises that the people wanted to hear. He may, or may not, be able to follow through with those promises — like every President before him.

During the Democratic primaries, and even after Secretary Clinton won them, all we heard was that there was “insufficient evidence” in regards to all of the issues brought up about her.  Now, my issue was never that she was a “criminal.” My issue has always been her ethics.

 I am fairly sure that if you’ve read some of my past posts in regards to her choices over her lifetime, you may be convinced that I have been “duped by the Republican propaganda machine.” Or worse, that I think any woman with ambition is automatically unethical.

Neither opinion is actually true.  There are many ambitious women in America today, some of whom are her peers (by age).  But many of those ambitious women are not willing to do almost anything to gather power.

I have not been spending my adult years hiding my head in the sand about political subjects.  I have watched Secretary Clinton and her choices throughout those years. My opinion of her behavior and choices developed slowly over those years. Yes, she has made and supported many charities dealing with children and women’s issues.  But, there is a cultural expectation from where she grew up and what economic class she comes from that many Americans perhaps ignore.  She may consider herself “one of the working class,” but she grew up surrounded by the best and worst of the East Coast upper middle class.

That particular milieu considers anyone over a certain income MUST devote much of their money, power and influence involved in charity work.  It is part of one of the few forms of aristocracy that remain in this country.  It is a form of noblesse oblige considered particularly important for women in that economic class.

I’ve also discussed the opinion of many upper class and upper middle-class women of the second wave of feminism. In fact, most of the second wave was centered around the base of these same East Coast, upper middle-class women.  They were particular about supporting each other as women, simply because they were women.  It made no distinction between an unethical woman and an ethical one.

That is one of the reasons that while, technically, by age I could be considered a second-wave feminist, my attitudes and choices are more based in third-wave feminism. For me, I do not whitewash women’s needs.  The need of an African-American woman versus a Native American woman versus a poor white woman do not all look exactly the same.  There are cultural, sub-cultural and micro-cultural differences that do impact those needs.

Yet, Secretary Clinton and many outspoken second-wave feminists attempted yet again to force their views on the rest of the liberal side of the political spectrum.

Would it have been nice to have a female President? Yes, it would.  But, not her.  And, definitely not when it was obvious that the Democratic leadership planned to shove her candidacy down our throats.

Am I scared at what President-Elect Trump might be capable of? Of course, I am. It was that same fear that made me vote for Secretary Clinton despite my opinion of her.

What this year has taught me, however, is that it is not just the Republican party that needs to be fixed, but the Democratic one as well.  And the only way that will happen is if we all work to reform both of those parties.  We need to take the reins back from the fringes of the parties, and make our voices and opinions resound loudly.

And, if we cannot reform them, then we need to replace them.  It’s just that simple.

Of course, doing so is not simple.  It is a LOT of work.  But we’ve been able to make those changes if we stand together.

Don’t you think it is time to do that?


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