Unreasoned Hatred

I don’t understand unreasoned hatred.  I define this as a generalized emotion that is felt about a person, place or thing without any form of a logical cause.

It isn’t that I don’t understand the emotion of hatred. I do. It took me a long time to let go of my hatred of the man who killed my little brother.  But, as you can see……it certainly did have a logical cause.

I don’t even hate my ex-husband.  I choose not to waste any emotional energy about him.

But a hatred of a certain type of person? It doesn’t matter if the type is based on sexual orientation, chosen gender, religious affiliation or color of skin.  It is tarring an entire group for the choices of a small percentage.

Because there are far too many hot button issues right now, I’m going to choose two examples that are not quite as intense right now.

Let’s start with Wiccans, shall we?  There are people who claim to be part of the Wiccan faith, but whose actions prove them to be rapists, pedophiles or even just simple con-artists.  The issue comes down when you try to claim that ALL Wiccans are represented by this small percentage of those who call themselves Wiccan.

The other example is fairly closely related to the previous one.  There are quite a few people in the Wiccan faith or who call themselves Neo-Pagans who have been badly abused by Christians — most of whom were in some office of authority over them (pastor, priest, youth director, Sunday School teacher, or even parent(s)). Sadly, far too many of those who have been abused equate all Christians with their abusers (even though Christians who abuse their authority are also a small percentage of all Christians).

These are both unreasoned hatred.

Yet so many people insist on hating the generalized group, instead of placing the blame on the individuals who are actually committing such horrid acts.

When people join together only by a similar hatred of someone different than themselves, the result is mob rule. The people who act on their hatred, intimidating and attacking those who are different are doing so in order to control those different people.

Attempting to control others always ends in pain.  Sometimes it is the pain of rebellion by those who are different.  Sometimes it is a willingness to use the hatred they are being shown as an excuse to act upon their own unreasoned hatred.

It doesn’t really matter what difference you hate, it is the unwillingness to see that not everyone who typifies that difference deserves to be hated. Another quick example. I have Scottish ancestry. Knowing how many centuries of war and bloodshed there were between the Scottish and the English, I could do as some Scottish people (or those of Scottish descent like me) do — hate each and every person who is English (or of English blood).  But, that is an unreasonable hatred.

It is hating someone for the actions of their ancestors.

I’m not saying that there aren’t some groups in this world who deserve to have their truth heard.  Honoring and acknowledging those who were enslaved is not expecting the modern white person to apologize, unless that person is continuing the abuse simply because of someone’s color.  It is acknowledging that it happened, and learning from it so as to not repeat that mistake AND learning to accept people of color for who they are.  Honoring and acknowledging that the Native Americans have been abused by our own government, and giving them the same respect that we expect our fellow Americans to give us is not blaming the modern white person – not unless that modern white person is continuing the abuse.

History is meant to be learned from, not repeated.

As a white woman I have not been singled out by my friends of color as being somehow “responsible” for the actions of slave owners and continued abuses of those people of color.  Whar I AM responsible for is to treat every person – regardless of color, creed, gender or sexual orientation – with the respect due to any human being in this world.


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