Let’s Look At This, Shall We?

So, according to Trump and his supporters, President Bill Clinton is a sexual predator and Trump is not.

While I may not think positively about the ethics of either Clinton in that marriage, there are some real facts behind the truth.  And it is NOT kind to Trump.

Of the 8 women who have come forward about sexual assault and/or harassment, there are three who were not in a consensual relationship.  Now, given that I think even ONE non-consensual sexual interaction is too many, I have questions about those three.

Kathleen Willey — This is a woman who has changed her story repeatedly. It was, at best, sexual harassment based on the investigation report. She claims to have (and has affidavits in support of it) spoken to two friends about it.  The part that bothers me the most? The fact that Ms. Tripp was one of those friends — this being the same women who illegally  taped private discussions at the encouragement of a LITERARY AGENT (i.e. so she could write a tell-all at a later time).  An independent prosecutor found that there was insufficient evidence to prove it happened.

Juanita Broaddrick —Both the original TV interviews and later the investigation could find no real proof that she had been assaulted.  In fact, she repeatedly denied the assault in the 1970s until Clinton’s impeachment pushed her to come forward.  With no physical evidence, repeated denials, ONLY a he-said/she-said situation and the fact that at the time she was conducting an affair with the man who later became her husband, I have serious concerns about her veracity.

Paula Jones —  This is the only one of the three I give any credence to.  She went straight for a sexual harassment suit immediately.  It was inappropriate behavior (i.e. propositioning and exposure of private parts) but no assault.  I’m a bit bothered by the fact that she was willing to settle the suit out of court, as I would have thought that this was an open and shut case of harassment.  Does this excuse Bill’s behavior?  Hell, no.

What I see when I look at Bill Clinton is a man who is a serial cheater, led around by his penis rather than his brain.  I see, frankly, a pitiful playboy.  If he were not involved in politics, I doubt any of these women would have made any accusations, again except for Paula Jones.  Would I put up with Bill’s bullshit??  Hell, no!

But, for the most part, Hillary has been the kind of wife that many politicians praise.  Why? Because there is a hellish amount of sex and adultery and sexual harassment in the hallways of our government.  Hillary has been a good political wife, not publicly shaming her husband.  And, she’s not the only political wife who has done so.

She’s accused of threatening the women who have accused her husband.  I want you to sit with that for a few minutes.  In the “real world” if a woman is aware of her husband’s infidelities, but still wants to stick with him…do you really think that wife isn’t going to confront the women who are more than likely out simply for a piece of the financial pie?  I knew damned well my ex-husband was sleeping around (just because I am poly doesn’t mean I was OK with ALL of the women he slept with), but there were women I threatened as well.  Why? Because they were all women who actually chose to STALK him.  It’s not like we had money, but these few women were still coercive, mentally-ill twits.  And yes, in at least one case, I physically threatened her – telling her if I saw her anywhere around ever again I would break her legs.

Now, let’s look at Trump.

There’s the Billy Bush video. And NO, as I have said before, it is not the crudity that I am offended by.  It is the simple fact that to Trump women are disposable sex dolls.

There’s the clip where he says to a TEN-YEAR-OLD-GIRL that he (as a 46-year-old man at the time) would be dating her in a decade.  That would make him 56 when she was 20.  Again, we are not only looking at a man who sexualizes a young girl at a time before she even had BREASTS (to my mind, this makes him a PEDOPHILE, as he is sexualizing a child no matter that he wouldn’t do anything about it until she was legal), but adds her to the same grouping he sees all women…I.E. disposable sex dolls.

Then there’s the simple fact that there is a lawsuit pending accusing him of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, and forcing her to have lesbian sex with another teen for his viewing.  He is a defendant jointly with Jeffrey Epstein, who is a known pedophile and class three sex offender (i.e. the court has considered him a “high risk re-offender.”)

Personally, I find both men to be disgusting and useless.

But I am far more afraid of Trump as a man than I am of Bill Clinton.  Any strong woman standing up to a man like Clinton ends up walking away un-assaulted.  In fact, Clinton would probably slink away embarassed.  But ANY woman, no matter how strong, will never make a dent in the self-assured-power of someone like Trump.  Someone like Trump requires ANOTHER MAN to get through to him.  The voices of women are nothing more than the annoying sound of a fly or a mosquito.  And the situation in which we put this kind of man in the seat of power for this country??  Especially given the whole #repealthe19th movement, I am scared for myself and EVERY OTHER WOMAN in this country.


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