You’re Just Offended By Crudity

That kind of comment might have been accepted in the 1950s or in Victorian England, but not here, and not NOW.

Full Transcript of Trump’s Leaked Audio

Out of 630 words in this transcript, of which probably 10% are identifying assorted speakers, there are exactly FIVE (count them … 5!) so-called “crude” words. That leaves 79% of the transcript that is simply sexually assaultive speech.

What is clear, however, is that both Trump and Billy Bush (and an unknown number of other people) are very clearly speaking of AT MINIMUM (and only if we are trying to excuse the behavior) sexual harassment.  For many women, including myself, it goes further than that into the exact same attitude of every single man who has ever sexually assaulted us.

This isn’t about us having been triggered by some unintentional and innocent comment.

These are clearly the words of a man who is fully aware that he is speaking of half of the human race as easily-controlled sperm receptacles and baby-making factories.

But…but…it’s just locker room talk! men scream.

I’m proud that other male Americans involved in professional sports who are standing up and speaking out to deny this exact excuse.  This is exactly the same attitude of those who say boys will be boys!

This is EXACTLY the same excuse that Elliot Rodger used for killing 6 people (and then himself) in Isla Vista, California in 2014. He blamed his mother for not “marrying a wealthy man” after her divorce from his father.  He blamed his father for not being successful financially, and seems to have hated his father for being more “popular with the ladies.”

It’s the same excuse used by George Sodini for killing 3 women and wounding 9 (including leaving a pregnant woman bleeding from two shots) in an LA Fitness just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in August of 2009 before killing himself. A notorious “pickup artist” used this death as a selling point for his seminars, saying that ANYTHING excuses a man for using every tool in his arsenal to get sex, including force.

And just so you don’t think that it is just American men who think this way, a British teen named Ben Moynihan stabbed 3 different women in January of 2015 in Portsmouth, Hampshire but was caught by police. Like George and Elliot, it wasn’t HIS fault but that all women are sluts and should just give it away to any man who wants them.

What’s worse is that there are men across the globe who agree with them, and are huge fans of these boys (I refuse to call them adult men) for having the assorted “balls” to do something about it (i.e. kill women).

They aren’t alone.  There’s Chris Harper-Mercer (killed 9, injured 9, killed himself – Oregon, October 2015).  And this is without listing the men who have raped and violently assaulted (and sometimes killed) one woman for her rejection of them.

THESE aren’t the only reasons why we women (and thankfully, feminist men) speak out about “rape culture.” They are only symptoms of a world-wide disease.

It’s every parent who raises their son(s) to believe that they are more important than women (including their sisters).  Every authority who excuses anti-social behavior because “boys will be boys.” It’s every teacher, coach or other school-related supervisory adult who refuses to see that there are kids abusing other kids, whether in the locker room or not.  It’s not standing up to your buddy who is doing exactly what Trump did, nor requiring him to be accountable for his choices.  It’s our criminal justice system who doesn’t want to  “destroy a young man’s future,” while happily destroying a young woman’s future for having the guts to report the rape or violence. It’s police officers who refuse to take statements and charge someone with a crime because of the gender or skin color of the victim.

What do you think rewarding Trump with the Presidency is going to say to every woman in America?  What do you think it will teach boys and men? Nothing good, I can tell you.


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