I’m NOT a Wanna-Be Man!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s “give a fuck” post, there is something else that the discussion didn’t cover.

One of the things that comes with being an outspoken, strong-willed woman is being called things like a  “battle-axe.” But the one that bothers me the most is when I am told that I am some sort of “wanna-be man.”

Really? Since when is showing strength, control and not being afraid of confronting something head-on somehow trying to “be a man?”

It is also something that other strong women, and yes I am including Secretary Clinton in that listing, are often accused of.  That somehow being a woman means that we should ONLY be special little snowflakes or worse “damsels in a dress.”

I don’t do demure. I don’t do diffidentAnd I sure as HELL don’t do coy.

The reality is that we women, just like men, show multiple different variations of the human personality pool. For every sweet and innocent ingénue, there is also a Valkyrie. For every saintly madonna, a Mata Hari.

Not all of us women are submissive or passive, no more than all men are aggressive and violent.  In fact, I know some extremely submissive or passive men.  And, no, dominant or assertive women don’t need to be dominatrixes – because we are ALSO more than just sexual objects or baby factories.

NO matter what the TV tells you, some of us are more likely to go check out a noise in the dark rather than waking anyone else up.  Some of us choose to be able to do things for ourselves.

Yes, I will occasionally ask a man in my life to do something.  But that has more to do with hand strength or an arthritis flare-up than because I need a man to be handy.  At 21 or so, I was still helping out with plumbing (yes, I have had that black,  greasy goop all over my arms).  Dad taught me not only how to change my own tire but also how to change my own oil.  Some of us are quite capable in many areas.

I LIKE being a woman.  I LIKE being a heterosexual woman at that.  In NO uncertain terms.

I think that many men who try to tell us that we are more masculine than feminine are insecure.  That they can’t handle someone who challenges their intellect or practicality. That they can barely handle it when other men do it, but if a woman does?  That’s just “Not Fair!”

Well, guess what, pookie?  You just aren’t “man enough” for me!.


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