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via Family: Mom Had Extreme Views On Nutrition, Only Fed Malnourished Boy Fruit & Nuts

I don’t give a flying fuck what kind of diet you choose for yourself, whether it be vegan or like Gandhi (a fruitarian – similar to the diet this woman gave her child) or any other special diet.  In fact, in cases of allergy, I do support you choosing for yourself the healthiest diet that you can.

HOWEVER if you plan to feed your child(ren) the same diet, you had damned well better learn how to read a lab report, and get used to discussing the lab results with your pediatrician.  (the link goes to a website that explains what the results of assorted lab tests mean)

I know many people in my life who have to eat special diets.  I know people with celiac disease, serious cases of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), allergies to common foods or herbs (garlic and onion are both foods and herbs – and yes, I know someone deathly allergic to both), serious insulin resistance, and other diseases/allergies/mutations that require a change in diet.

But, even the parents with these diseases/allergies/mutations keep an extremely close eye on their child’s/children’s health. They are actively working as a partner to the pediatrician, and any symptoms of malabsorption or malnutrition are dealt with IMMEDIATELY.

I eat a special diet, and add certain supplements that support my health.  But, I also work in tandem with my doctor (who is a  practitioner of Functional Medicine) to ensure that I stay healthy as possible. Two of the supplements I take are potassium and magnesium.  The basic metabolic panel often tests your potassium, and I have that approximately every six months to check in on my A1C. So, I make sure that both my potassium levels and my magnesium levels are not too high. Having too much of both supplements can kill me just the same as too low levels of them.

Now, I don’t have children, but if I did I would be just as careful about their health as I am of my own.  I learned how to read lab test results from my parents, who while they were not doctors did learn how to read them for their own understanding of their health.  Knowing what is going on in my body is something I was taught to do early on.

Again, if you are choosing a special diet for yourself, while I might consider you a special kind of stupid depending on the actual physical impact it makes on your body and your health (e.g. if it harms you mentally or physically – I WILL consider your to be a special kind of stupid).  But, I won’t fight your choices for your own body.

Just like the whole issue of vaccinations, if you choose a particular diet that harms your child(ren) or other children, that is when you are going WAY TOO DAMNED FAR!

I think about fad diets the same way I feel about any drug or alcohol.  I don’t care how fucked up you treat your own body, but the moment you affect ANYONE ELSE your choices are a problem. If you are “under the influence” and get behind the wheel of a car, that is where I draw that line.

And trust me, I have been on damned near every fad diet since I was 13.  I was even prescribed Fen-Phen under the age of 18.  I’m lucky as hell that my mother listened to me when I came to her shortly after taking my first dose and told her I would NEVER take it again because I was having heart palpitations. My ex-husband even encouraged me to take Hydroxycut back when it still had high levels of ephedra in it (which likely caused damage to my liver).

Sadly, it took me until after I was 40 to find out the information I needed to actually be healthy and lose any weight.  The problems I had were because of two major issues:

  1. 1

    Medical staff who insist every issue that a fat person has is directly related to the amount of weight someone is carrying.

  2. 2

    Research into the reasons for obesity, how genetics impact it (such as serious mutations that do actually ensure a person will be obese), and what diets are best for certain diseases or mutations were not yet available (similar to the issue for sufferers of fibromyalgia had prior to the research on it).

Yes, I am harsh about anti-vaccine parents, about drug and alcohol addicts. I am not in any way sorry for it. You are not only putting your child or yourself at risk, but every other person you (or your child) come in contact with. NO ONE has the right to kill, maim, or harm another person because of their personal choices.

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