Political Action and the Millennial Generation

Short and sweet one, hopefully.

I’m wandering around Facebook earlier and come across one of a young friend’s post.  Someone took a screenshot of one of CNN’s polls (or faked one up fairly well) in which the age group of 18-34 is essentially totally ignored.

Now, the meme implies a “conspiracy.”

Sorry, my friends, nope. Much simpler than that.

The simple fact is that traditionally people in that age grouping basically blow off their civic duty/responsibility to be part of the future of our nation.  And that is every generation, not just the “millennials.”

It doesn’t matter what the excuse is: being busy, raising kids, working, going to school, goofing off, whatever.  There are always excuses.

But, the sad thing is that traditionally only slightly more than half (60%) of the nation actually votes in any presidential election year, while slightly less than half (40%) of the nation bothers to vote either in midterm elections (for Congress) or any local elections (which may be on any cycle the area has decided upon).  This also includes things like referendums, such as making pot legal in Colorado or Washington state.

So, millennials, I am speaking to you now!

You want to have a voice in your future? You want to change how things are happening RIGHT NOW THIS YEAR?  Well, guess what??

In order to have that voice, to change what is happening….you have to get as many of your generation to vote as possible.  It doesn’t matter HOW they vote, simply that they DO vote.

Plus, do your damned homework!!  Finding out EXACTLY what your preferred candidate stands for, not only by looking at their website, but by actually RESEARCHING their background and if they have been part of government what decisions have they made.

Yes, guess what? Being an adult means more homework if you really want to make a difference in the world.  Or, you could be like many generations before you and pretty much be lazy about the whole thing.  You could vote the way your parents do, the way your romantic partner does, or some other person’s thoughts on the candidates. You could choose to vote along party lines (i.e. all Republican,  all Democratic, or all pink/purple dinosaurs, whatever).  You could choose not to care, and not even show up….because “everybody knows” that your “one vote doesn’t count.”

How many times is whatever “everybody knows” often utter bullshit?

OR, you could actually do your responsibility as a citizen, become informed about your candidate and their choices AND make the decision based on who you TRULY feel will make the best choices in our representational government.

No one teaches this to you anymore.  Hell, even when we were taught it, most of us just didn’t give a shit.  I have, but I learned civic responsibility and social justice at home as well as in school.

I know many of you care.  I know many of you think we (i.e. the older people) screwed things up.  Millennials now make up 23.4% of the U.S. population.  To contrast that, Baby Boomers make up 27.6%, though that shrinks every time someone in that age bracket dies of old age.

This is your chance to make a difference.  This is YOUR chance to make a change.

Don’t leave it up to us.  Get out there.  Talk to others of your own age group.  Get them involved, get them registered to vote, and get them to actually GO VOTE.  Talk about the issues.  Discuss what you think is wrong with our nation, and actually READ up on not only what decisions have been made, but WHY those decisions were made and HOW they came about.

Being a responsible citizen can be work.  But it is also worthwhile.  It means you chose NOT to be lazy, not to be some dumb sheep following after someone who “talks purty.” It means you have a hand in how this nation gets led and the choices our government makes.

You think Congress is corrupt?  Research it, and vote the corrupt assholes out of office. You think the rich own the government?  Vote for people who want to close those loopholes that allow corporations and the utterly wealthy to essentially own part of the government.

Be the generation who chooses to step forward and make a difference.

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