Musical Inspirations

I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy a wide range of music.  Now, I don’t necessarily like all musical genres to the same level.  I do, more often than not, like a particular artist, creative or band rather than a particular genre. My tastes range from Disturbed’s heavy metal to the glam rock of the 80s (particularly but not limited to Queen) to some country music (Home Free, and I grew up listening to John Denver on 8-track tapes, as well as some musical sound tracks such as Camelot, Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady and others) to pop artists like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift to some rap artists like Salt-n-Pepa.

There are quite a few female musical talents who are inspirations not only because of their talent, but because as women they encourage me to strive harder to be a better woman. Queen Latifah is one, P!nk is another, as are  Jennifer Lopez and Lindsey Stirling.

However, musical women aren’t my only inspirations.  In fact, Aurelio Voltaire and Mika are frankly two of the musically creative men in the world that inspire me to not sit back and focus on only one kind of creativity. In fact, these two men (along with a few of my favorite authors) are people I would like to sit down and simply get to know as people (not as  their “celebrity persona” which is what you see during concerts or promotional marketing).  They put a lot of their blood, sweat and tears into their creativity and it shows.

In fact, many of the songs of almost all of the artists/groups listed above actually have inspired my own art.  I’ve lost my singing voice/ability because my ex didn’t really enjoy hearing me sing, particularly along with the songs I liked.  I’m slowly getting it back, but I doubt I’ll ever get back performance quality.  I don’t have the stamina for acting or even directing at the moment, although I love the theater.  But, I still have my art.  And I have taken to keeping a text file of my art ideas inspired by music, so that I don’t forget them in the process of working on them.

It’s not just being inspired by their music videos, although some of them actually do inspire art.  Often it is the lyrics or the concepts being sung about that inspire me.

My ex tended to think I was always serious about everything.  I don’t know that it is an issue with seriousness so much as I was taught that creativity (in any form) has an intent to put a mirror to society.  I like to think about the creativity I consume.  In fact, it is one of the reasons I reread books because I learn something new about myself often when rereading them.  I like to look at the impact certain characters in certain books have on my own life.  He always refused to believe that entertainment has ever had any other purpose than simple enjoyment.  Thing is, even one of his favorite comics (George Carlin) rarely spoke about any subject without having a point to it.  Robin Williams often was exactly the same.

 For me, creativity is about connecting with the viewer/reader/consumer on an emotional level.  And it doesn’t always have to be a connection with a so-called “good” emotion. One of my more recent pieces (entitled “Discarded”) is a very dark piece that shows a broken and destroyed wooden marionette in the process of being thrown away.  You don’t see the person discarding the puppet, just seeing it in a frozen moment as it is flying to the floor. (I’m not showing it because I have yet to decide how I want to present my pieces online).

Since I’m also using my art as a kind of additional therapy, many of my pieces are somewhat dark in tone.  And, since I am inspired by surrealism (because it evokes the human subconscious for me), most of those darkly toned items are somewhat surreal as well.

I’ll likely continue to have an eclectic taste in music and writing.  I don’t want to just be stuck in the music or authors of my teen years.


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