Socially Approved Abuse

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I am so damned sick of the idiots in the world who think it is perfectly fine to speak about someone else’s body.  To judge that body to be good and worthwhile or evil and worthless.

I’m sick of the obese people who exacerbate the problem in order to somehow “fit in” or “be approved of” by society.

I’m sick of the assholes in our world worshiping at the altar of female androgeny and in essence saying that the more a woman looks like a pre-pubescent the sexier she is.  That, my friends, is pedophilia even if you try to excuse it.

I’m sick of the judgement given to people who cannot gain weight who are also abused for their “obviously shallow view of themselves.” And, yes, yelling at a woman to “eat a cheeseburger for fuck’s sake” is just as abusive as calling the next woman a “whale.” None of us are innocent here.  I too have used the cheeseburger line on smaller women, and it was just as abusive when I did it.  I strive to NOT do it anymore, and to point it out when someone else does it.

Why didn’t the audience stop right there and point out the issue with this asshole’s abuse?  Why is it perfectly acceptable to laugh at the abuse when it happens and not stand up for someone being derided?

Why? Because “everybody knows” that people with assorted shapes and sizes are “doing it to themselves.” Because “everybody knows” what works for everybody’s bodies, because that’s what we’ve been taught – that we’re all the same, no matter what our actual DNA says.

Look, medical history has been made hundreds of times over during my lifetime alone.  Even more in my parents’ and grandparents’ lifetimes.  We know more about the human body than we did even a hundred years ago.  We know certain ethnicities have a greater likelihood of certain genetic diseases. We know that some of our mental issues require medication because they are caused by either a biochemical deficit or over-abundance. We know certain DNA mutations cause a person’s body to act completely different than someone without the mutation.

Hell, we even know why perfumes smell differently on different people.

But there is still much more to be deciphered and understood.

Yes, there are people like this woman who eat to escape the pain, just like there are people who drink to excess to escape their own pain.  But, unlike the other types of addict, people with food addictions cannot avoid their particular drug of choice.  They can only choose to eat only certain types of foods or avoid other types.  They have to be just as mindful of their addiction as any other addict.  And yes, they can “fall off the wagon” just like any other addict.

We are all blessed with a body.  But that does not mean that all bodies are exactly the same.

When will we learn to accept those who are “different” rather than attempt to destroy them?


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2 thoughts on “Socially Approved Abuse

  1. katiereablog

    I can completely relate to this post, thank you so much for sharing it. You are not alone! I am following you so I can continue to follow the rest of your journey.

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