Doing Your Own Research 

Medical research often sends me diving down a rabbit hole of monumental proportions. So much of the human body can be specific to our own individual DNA, that even our similarities of disease can produce wildly different results.

I do try to limit my research to issues that I have actually been diagnosed by a competent doctor, and have reasonable proof from diagnostic testing. When I was without medical insurance, I had the luxury of experimentation, but concrete proof is more important to me. Besides, limiting myself to proven issues makes that mountain of research much easier to tackle.

I am thankful that I now have diagnostic proof that the supplements I found through experimentation are actually making a difference in my daily life.

But, one of the problems that surface when you have consistent medical care and treatment is that you can occasionally disagree with your main provider. If it is a disagreement about the efficacy of dietary changes or supplement support, then you might need to change providers to someone who matches your preferred avenue of care.

But, when you have a provider who fits with you, you may still disagree on how to treat a specific part of your health. This isn’t enough to send you searching for a new provider, but it may require more work to find a solution.

Particularly when it comes to chronic pain, each patient has an individual response to particular medications or procedures. Well, that’s actually true of most chronic diseases.

In my case, there are things I’ve tried, things that have had no effect or worse, adverse effects.

So far, I have found that for me and my body there are certain things that are effective. These are:

  1. Water therapy exercises;
  2. Supplement support of potassium, magnesium, CoQ10, Omega-3s, and a few other supplements;
  3. Injections in my sacroiliac joint;
  4. Certain medications, all of which either focus on nerve pain specifically or help with insomnia;
  5. Percoset (short acting)

Used in conjunction, these take me from a maintenance pain level of 5-6 on good days, to approximately a 2-3.

But……my general practitioner has a very strict belief about opioid use and abuse. So, instead of that proven option, she is searching for a non-opioid solution. 

I do have a pain specialist, so I have another option but because of the rural area I live in, he may be limited in what treatment he can offer. 

Unfortunately there is another issue, and it happens quite often. Because of the concerns about opioid addictions, often chronic pain sufferers are perceived as “drug seeking” (in other words — junkies). 

I have had medical personnel accuse me of being a junkie. In fact, the last round I had with Percoset, I counted the pills morning and night to ensure I only took one per day. 

Why this works for me is quite clear, at least to me. Percoset has only a 4-hr release. My sleep test showed no apnea, but also showed no REM cycles. What the Percoset does is relieve the pain long enough for my brain to achieve that frequency. Which then raises my pain tolerance. And, with a greater pain tolerance I can do more exercises, which in turn increases pain tolerance again. 

I believe that if I could have a reasonable test of this, I would eventually get to a point where the exercises alone can maintain that higher pain tolerance. 

But, it requires a provider willing to allow and support the experience. 

So, back to my title, I am collecting medical research articles that support my hypothesis. And, it’s difficult because there are so many articles that are fascinating reads in their own right, but are not specific to my subject. Which means I need to stop when I catch myself going on a tangent, and come back to it later. 

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