“There is no situation in which an individual cannot control his/her sexual urges.”

Via Judge Dispels The Myth Of The ‘Perfect’ Rape Victim In Powerful Verdict

There is NO EXCUSE for the fact that our culture STILL teaches us that when it comes to sex, the male is at the mercy of his sexual urges and therefore innocent of this heinous crime because the woman should have been pure and virginal. 

How can the rational men in our culture actually be happy to be told they are nothing more than than rabid beasts??

In any other crime — especially ones which are motivated by a need to control and subjugate the victim —the victim is EXPECTED to have a hard time remembering the exact details of it.  Yet, in rape cases not only does the victim get judged for a spotty memory caused by shock, the victim’s entire life choices are on trial as well.

God forbid that a woman like myself, who has a fairly large sexual history, gets raped. Everybody KNOWS a woman like me is just ASKING FOR IT!

Out of the 70+ men I have slept with in my entire life, I can honestly say that I felt “obligated” and/or “forced” to have sex with approximately half of that number. I’m fairly certain that the men involved would be horrified to learn that I felt that way (except for the small percentage who felt that I OWED them the sex)!

But someone like me doesn’t deserve justice, right? I’m just a dirty slut who somehow DESERVES to be raped, because “I’m just giving it away!”

BUZZZZ, wrong again!

It doesn’t matter what my sexual history is! I could be a prostitute, and still be raped. 

It’s NOT about sex. It’s about power and control. And it’s about men who feel entitled to own or control any vagina they see. These mass murders by “rejected” men or the players clubs or the pick up artist seminars are all about the same damned issue! These are all ways to encourage men to view women as a combination of prize and prey.

I’m not going to talk about your mothers, sisters or daughters. I want to talk to YOU!!!!

Are you really content to live in a culture that sees you as a rabid beast? A culture that limits your expression of yourself to that of a predator? A culture that values hiding your real self behind bullshit, drama and a constant struggle for power?

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