Sexist Advertising

via: This ‘Brutally Refreshing’ Sprite Ad Is Actually Brutally Sexist | Huffington Post

I have to ask, what the HELL is going on in the minds of advertisers over the last decade?  I keep an eye on advertising, in the hopes that my brain issues will be diagnosed and treated, so that I can go back to the design and marketing jobs I have done previously.

But, what I have noticed is a trend toward overly sexist advertising.  For example, Dr. Pepper (NOT owned by either Coke or Pepsi, but by Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group – but in the US many of the distributors for Dr. Pepper are owned by Coke, so it tends to be sold at places that choose Coke products over Pepsi products) decided to sell their “Dr. Pepper TEN,” which many defended as being “sarcasm” and “satire.” (ad seen below)

This isn’t satire, it is simply old, tired and worn out stereotyping.  No matter the intent that the creative may have had bringing this idea to the client, all they really have done is perpetuate the exact thought processes that we are trying so very hard to change in our lives.

This is the kind of thing that many of our musical celebrities are trying to fight.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the following music videos:

Shall I continue? The marketing of Sprite is NOT “edgy” or “humorous.” It is yet another in the long line of misogynistic tropes that keep the idea of women as “second class citizens” alive as a reasonable way to think.

This advertising trend is NOTHING but another way to say this image I found being shared on Facebook. When it is a man who is promiscuous, he’s seen as more masculine.  Even when he becomes known as a “womanizer” (what we used to call “playas”), he’s still given praise from a good portion of his male friends.

It only takes a woman having sex with ONE man before being married to give her the reputation of a “slut.”  Someone like me, who has slept with over 70 men over my adult years, can look some asshole in the eye and confront their bullshit.  It’s the women who have slept with no more than 1-2 men who are most damaged by this kind of shaming. The women who intended to remain virginal until they married, and trusted the wrong person.  The women who are told that THEY (not the person looking at them) are responsible for whether or not they wear “modest” clothing, because if they get raped or sexually assaulted it is all their own fault (and they believe it).

It’s not funny. It’s not even amusing.  It is flat out sexism in its most obvious form.  And IT HAS TO STOP

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One thought on “Sexist Advertising

  1. “And IT HAS TO STOP” yes!! I love this post. Brilliant writing.

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