Alright, Out of the Gene Pool!!

I don’t care either way about this whole “Pokeman Go” thing.  If it gets kids off their butts, hey good.  But, the company has been responsible.  Every time the game starts, it gives a reminder to pay attention to your surroundings.

Yet, when a teen playing it gets hurt the parent blames the game.

Look, there have been people out in parks (because not all those playing the game are kids) refusing to leave when those parks close for the night.  There have been people playing the game in and around police precincts.

There have been people literally not giving a shit that they might be in danger, expecting everyone else to take care of them rather than them taking care of themselves and being responsible.

Essentially these people are making themselves candidates for the Darwin Awards.

In fact, the people injured by playing the game in dangerous places are just as stupid and placing themselves in danger no differently than Kevin Ward (on August 9, 2014).  

When someone has been taught ALL OF THEIR LIVES by both parents and schools to look both ways when crossing a street” (like this teen not even paying attention to the fact she was crossing a HIGHWAY), why is it that still people think it isn’t up to them to pay attention to their surroundings?

Look, there is a huge difference between “victim blaming” and realistically, pragmatically being accountable for your health and welfare.  You don’t walk on a highway without making sure that you can do so safely.  You don’t play a game while you are driving and your attention needs to be on the road (let alone things like doing your makeup or reading your morning paper – just as much Darwin Awards fodder as well).  You don’t sneak around a police precinct and try hiding from the cops in a suspicious way while playing a game.

And you do NOT wander around an urban area looking ONLY at your phone and not your surroundings (something that has been happening even BEFORE Pokemon Go came out).

Maybe it is the fact that when I was a teen and early 20-something, the only people who had a “mobile phone” we high-level executives or rich people.  But, because I’m an active and avid reader, I have ALWAYS carried a book with me.  I could have chosen to walk home from the bus with my nose in a book. But, I didn’t.  Why?  Because whether or not I was walking in a “dangerous area,” I was ALWAYS taught to be situationally aware.”

Now, I’ll admit, I was rather hyper-aware of my surroundings, because of some of my emotional issues relating to my family of origin and even more so when living with my ex-husband.  It’s only now that I can finally do what so many people do naturally – lose myself in my art – because I no longer need to be that hyper-aware.

But, it comes back, particularly if I am out in public.  Yet, I will admit it is mostly about other people, rather than about things (which, is probably one good reason I’m clumsy – that and the fact that I have over-burdened my situational awareness).

If I have to look at my phone, I try to stop where I am (and  hopefully, stand out of the way with a back to a wall).

Look, this isn’t about me wanting to force my “morals” onto someone else. But it is NOT my job to keep YOU safe. It’s YOUR job to keep YOU safe — regardless of whether you are playing a game or whether you’re out drinking.


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