Privacy and Celebrities

I keep seeing these articles about Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston dating. And most of them are basically saying it is a PR stunt.

Seriously, people? Why do we care?

Just because someone is a celebrity, it doesn’t mean that they do not deserve privacy when it comes to their life outside of what they are famous for.  Like the rest of us, they are human beings.

Think about it, people.  How do you react to a peeping Tom? How do you react to having a private choice of yours made public?  How much do we bitch about privacy when companies are researching new hires through social media?

If I chose to be famous, for whatever reason, why can’t I have a private life outside of the talent that made me famous?

Given I don’t let anything really be private unless it involves other people, I know that there are things I could be “outed” by paparazzi or over-zealous journalists if I became famous.  But because I’ve already “outed” myself about many of those things, I would not really be embarrassed by or fear that people called me pejorative names.  Of course, if those people crossed the line and spoke of people that I am being confidential for, I would definitely confront them about that.

For me, there is a “private sphere” and a “public sphere.” Private sphere is essentially things that you too would consider private.  You don’t need to tell everyone who you’re dating, what kind of sex you like, your religious choices or for what reason you are either gaining or losing weight.  Things that are of a personal nature.  Public sphere is what affects your ability to do your job, whether you have committed crimes or not, your ethical choices (or lack of them) or anything else that affects the public as a whole.

For example, I could not care any less where and with whom ex-President Clinton puts his penis.  And I don’t really judge Secretary Clinton for the fact he can’t keep it in his pants, nor that she stays with him.  What I care about are her ethical choices in relation to the American public.  Whether or not she’s been been indicted for many of those choices I don’t really care.  Why? Because we seem to have two separate justice systems, one for the rich and powerful and one for everyone else.  Additionally, even among some of her more compassionate and ethical choices, her motivation is suspect for me.  She is simply not someone I can fully support because of my own principles.  I won’t tell anyone else to vote against their conscience, but I won’t be swayed from voting my own conscience either.

Who is sleeping with whom truly doesn’t matter to me, unless they are hiding it from their spouse (because at that point, their ethical choices and motivations become suspect).

And I don’t get angry at an actor or singer that I think is cool (and perhaps think is hotter than hell) simply because they are dating someone.  I’m a bit of a fan of both Swift’s and Hiddleston’s work, and I think Hiddleston is hot – but it is NOT my place to say who either can or should date.  AND I think it really doesn’t matter what some idiot fan thinks about it either.  If you have no actual relationship with someone you are a fan of, then really their choices have absolutely NO REAL LIFE impact on you.  You may feel jealous, but that feeling is absolutely baseless.

Can we please grow up and stop treating our celebrities as if they are somehow the possession of each and every person?


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