Dick Pics & Self-Esteem

via Redditors Explain Why They Send Wiener Pics

I’ve heard many excuses for why guys send women photos of their “wee willies” (OK, who asked for the Mike Meyers soundtrack to be an earworm? Now, I have him doing a bad Scottish accent in my head!!)

But every single reason comes down to a self-esteem issue.  You know, that thing that guys try to deny that they feel?

Sadly, as read in this article, it’s not just self-esteem, it’s literally sending one off in order to think that someone, somewhere out there is looking at your genitals.  The woman on the other side doesn’t really matter, she’s really just a faceless audience member.

Guys, come on.  Men trying to say that they don’t have self-esteem issues are like a pet trying to cover up their shit on linoleum.  No matter how much you do it, the shit ain’t going to get covered.

We know when it is happening, just like we know when a female friend of ours is experiencing a self-esteem crisis.  It’s just that most men live in a constant state of De Nile about emotions like that.

Let me let you in on a little secret here, guys.  Women don’t walk around 24/7 worrying about their self-esteem or having a confidence issue.  We grab our grown-up panties, and move on.  But, since we don’t hide it either, someone posting a self-esteem meme or something like the meme on the right essentially is just our way of reminding people we care about that they are a good person.  It’s about the little reminders, that help us through those tough times when we feel like we’re somehow not worthy.

So how about, instead of choosing to objectify some woman (whether you’ve known her for a while or you just came across her on a dating site), you admit that you are in a bad place.  That you admit you get occasionally depressed. And that you actually ALLOW the person (or persons) who love you to compliment you without you blowing it off or making a joke about it!

So what if it isn’t cool, or if you somehow get points taken off of your “man card.” Will you occasionally be burnt by some idiot person who was a waste of your time and energy? Yes, sadly.  But, if they do, it’s really just that big red stop sign saying: “This is NOT the person you’re looking for!”

Yes, I used the evil “O” word.  Objectification is endemic to our society.  And it is time to STOP making it so.  Men get objectified too.  All it takes is ignoring that the body you are salivating over is a human being with feelings, dreams, desires and fuck-ups.  I know you probably think that you want some woman (if you’re straight) objectifying your penis.  But think about it.  If you are defined as ONLY your penis, day after day and year after year, you are going to think that your dick is the only thing worthy about you.  And at that point, the first time you experience impotence (because, face it guys, getting older means you will at some point in your life experience it) will destroy you, because it is the only thing you think is worthy.

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