Over-Priced “Plus-Size” Explained

via Why larger sizes cost more or Size is nothing but a number – Fashion-Incubator

I’ve wanted to know what is the real reason why clothing manufacturers insist on higher prices for what they erroneously call “plus-size.” Well, this article defines it.

HOWEVER, there is a second reality here in the US, where many clothing designers live.  The average female size in America is a size 14, converting the average male’s sizes to their female equivalent comes to a size 13 (which is not technically a size for women, so men would have to either choose a 12 or a 14).  Because of that, clothing for anyone over a 10 in women’s sizes doesn’t technically “fit” within the average fabric widths.

Thing is, with a lot of the changes in computerization and the ability to make your own design and print it on a fairly large width fabric, there is NO reason to not manufacture fabric upon which the “medium size” allows 14 to be the medium.The only real reason that fabric widths are maintained at the smaller medium size is so that the fashion industry can a) price clothing over a size 10 with a huge markup; and b) use sales tactics that attack the body image and self-esteem of their customers.  Unlike other sales practices, the fashion industry (somewhat hand-in-hand with the so-called “health industry” which is better named the “weight loss industry”) uses a combination of “You’ll be irresistibly sexy if you buy this product!” and “If you don’t fit this, you’re ugly and should hide yourself!”

As more of us stand up and insist that our bodies are worthwhile even if they don’t match some imaginary standard (not just us large people, but other sizes and shapes as well), the manufacturers need to make changes in their supposedly traditional ways of doing things to reflect that.  Knowing that standard sizes (in ready-made clothing) didn’t actually start until WWII when they tried (and failed) to standardize clothing.  A more realistic chart was created in 1958, and changed again in the 1980s.

So, you can’t tell me that the standards can’t change to actually reflect reality!

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