Voting for the Lesser of Two Evils

For most of my adult voting life, I have been forced by my conscience to vote for the lesser of two evils.  Unfortunately, in this race for President, I’m going to have to do some serious soul searching before I vote in November.  I will be voting, because this election cycle is NOT just about the President.  It’s also about Congress, the state and local elections.  Ignoring those items means I’m essentially ignoring most of my responsibility as an adult voter.

Frankly, I view Secretary Clinton just as corrupt and unscrupulous as I view Mr. Trump. Her choices in the arenas of authority, principle and honesty weigh on my conscience to the exact same level as Mr. Trump’s in those same arenas.

I suppose if the chooses the right running mate for VP, that might allow me to choose her as the lesser of two evils, but I’m just not confident of it at this point in time.

Additionally, I personally feel that the Democratic party made their choice far before any of the primaries started.  I feel that they have ignored the choices of their voting block and taken away the voices of their people. No, I’m not just speaking from a place of sour grapes. At the beginning of this race between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders, the media kept reporting that delegates threw their support behind her, regardless of what their voters stated as their preference.

The reality is, when something is touted in the media, even if it is somewhat shading the truth, the populace buys it.  Too many of the people in America blindly follow the biased news, and tend to become offended when told that their news (on the right OR left) has a strong bias.

The Republican party leaders at least are being honest about their concern that the people are choosing Mr. Trump.  They are appealing to their constituents to choose someone else.  The Democrats aren’t doing that.

Yes, I want a woman in the White House.  I just feel that voting for Secretary Clinton at this exact point in time would be betraying my principles and the ethics by which I try to live my life.


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