“No Intent to Harm”

via A Daycare Disaster in North Carolina Rightfully Upsets Father

I may not have children, but I know damned well that my sister (and her ex-husband) would be up in arms about this, as would my parents and myself.  It makes absolutely NO difference that this woman was sorry, nor that the so-called “school” (I’m very reluctant to call it that, as it is just a jumped-up daycare center) found supposedly no intent to harm.

No intent does not excuse what happened.  No care-giver of ANY sort should ever use a freaking BRUSH to clean off a child’s face.  Especially since a simple Google search offers multiple different safe ways to remove marker.  Hell, I know one based on a hint from my mother and grandmother.  I used to get ink on my glasses all the time, because I wouldn’t put the pen down when I would push my glasses up my nose.  A washcloth dampened with milk took the pen ink right off my glasses.  A combination of milk and vinegar seems to help with other things that plain milk doesn’t work on.

Even if she only used soap and water, she should have ONLY used a washcloth, never a brush.  Not even one of those so-called “soft” brushes.

You know, a drunken idiot who kills someone while driving “under the influence” is still accountable for the death they caused.  No place that is responsible for children should EVER excuse this kind of behavior.  This is – plain and simple – child abuse.

I don’t care how sorry she is for having abused this child.  Most abusers are “sorry” for the damage they cause to their victims.  Child and Family Services still remove the child(ren) from the premises when it is provable that the child(ren) is/are in danger.  This woman is a clear and present danger to children in general, no matter what her intent or ignorance.  Because ignorance is not a defense in our country either.

Frankly, I would hope that most parents of children in that supposed “school,” will remove their children from it.  I certainly wouldn’t trust them with the safety and well being of any child.


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