We’re Not Limited

After a discussion on Facebook today, I feel the need to remind my fellow Americans of something.  Why?  Because I know that not everyone remembers (or even paid any attention) their high school history classes.

For years now, the Republican party has been reportedly “dying,” and we just have not yet developed a universally agreed-upon national party.  The Tea Baggers are trying to replace it, but have not quite yet succeeded.

And, frankly, I believe that the Democratic party is trying to commit suicide, because of their corruption of the delegate system.

There is a huge percentage of people in both so-called “major” who are disgusted with the supposed “front runners” of each of the parties (Trump and Clinton). I certainly am, and I know damned well that I’m not alone.  The fact that the number of independents and centrists are growing, while the Democrats and Republicans are losing members should make people stand up and take notice.  Sadly, no one is paying attention.

But the Republicans and Democrats have not ALWAYS been the supposed “major” parties.  In fact, there have been either 5 (or 6) different sets of parties throughout our history – there is some argument that the 5th wave of political parties ended in the 1960s, and we are in the 6th wave).  Either way, since approximately the 60s, there has been an obsession with these two parties, and those who disagree with those parties have allowed themselves to choose a third direction: apathy.

But we are NOT limited to just Trump or Clinton or apathy.

We can choose to band together and vote for someone OTHER than the supposed front runners.  We don’t have to choose any of the minor parties either.

I’m not saying that Senator Sanders should be the President.  I’m still researching his history, and have not yet come to a final decision.  But, since he seems to have support from both historically Republican voters and historically Democratic voters, he might be the one who can break the supposed hold on America by both of these “major” parties.

The only way that we can make our point to the major parties is to refuse to fall into line under their choices.  The only way we can make real change is to stop hiding behind apathy and take our country back from the special interests and corporate oligarchy.

The “powers-that-be” think we’re all sheep.  Are we going to keep listening to their pablum or are we going to choose to stand up for what is right? Are we going to stay drones, blindly listening to our corporate masters?

Only 57.5% of Americans voted in the 2012 Presidential elections.  That means that 93 million Americans chose not to vote.  Sadly, the greatest percentage of those not voting has been the 18-24 age range.  And the greatest percentage of the actual voters? Trends indicate that senior citizens tend to be the largest voting block.

We made a difference in 2008.  Not about WHO we chose, necessarily, but that we had a much larger increase in active voters than we did in prior presidential elections.  This, sadly, declined in 2012.

The difference?  People came out in large numbers to get as many people as possible registered to vote, and their enthusiasm was contagious.

The ONLY way we get real change in our government is if we get off our lazy asses and make the change happen.  We need to stop being apathetic and stand up!


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