Creative Choices

I’ve been working with my fairly old Wacom Bamboo tablet (probably about 10 years old at this point) to help with some of the delicate work in my Photoshop art.  It’s not the best, but it works for me.

But, occasionally, when searching for a tutorial (because no matter how much experience you have with something, there is ALWAYS something new to learn), I come across articles on “getting to know your drawing tablet in Photoshop.”

And a few of them list “mistakes newbies make.”  One that keeps popping up is that a “n00b” will orient their tablet to match the same angle as is most comfortable for drawing.  Instead, supposedly a orientation to the screen is somehow what a so-called “professional” will do.

There is a simple answer to that issue.  Absolutely anyone who has done ANY real-world «Real world, in this case, is pencil or paintbrush in hand, not done on the computer» drawing (or painting for that matter) orients the paper or surface to whatever angle they need to in order to do what they want to do.

When I first started drawing, it was sometime in the 1970s.  Computers, at that point in time, were still pretty much limited to the Department of Defense, or some huge corporation who could pay for the expensive housing (and HUGE space) that a computer at that time required.

So, no, I didn’t learn to draw on a computer.  It was me, a  pencil/paintbrush and a surface.  And sometimes, the only damned way to get the piece completed was to turn the surface any-bloody-way I needed to in order to get the effect I wanted.

And later, since a drawing class was required for getting my degree in web design, again  orientation of the surface was not important to the piece, getting the piece completed, even if that meant turning the surface until it was upside-down, was the important part.

Drawing is a combination of mechanics and imagination.  And if you need to change orientation in order to make the art, you go ahead and do that!!  Just because some person thinks that the parallel to screen orientation is required means nothing.  You do what YOU need to do in order to bring your vision to life!!!


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