Hard Weekend

No, I haven’t been out partying.  It’s just been a hard weekend, and a hard couple of days before that.

I finally got in to doing my physical therapy for the shoulder I injured about 3 weeks ago (doc was worried I had a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder).  I’m clumsy, we all know this, but this particular fall was probably due to the medication that my doctor had me on to try to make sure my sleep was deep enough to actually help with pain endurance.  Yes, that’s right – ensuring deep enough sleep actually helps those of us with chronic pain.

Many chronic pain sufferers also experience trouble sleeping.  Not everyone has trouble getting to sleep like I do, but it is fairly rare for someone with chronic pain to actually sleep deep enough to rejuvenate the body’s own pain control processes.

In fact, I’ve been to a sleep study, and have been told I rarely actually get down to REM sleep.  I’m assuming that would be one of the reasons I rarely dream.

Had my first PT session on Monday, but was sick Tuesday night, and not much better Wednesday when I woke up.  Which, meant, basically that I slept most of Wednesday – meaning I had troubles getting to sleep Thursday (I didn’t actually fall asleep until 6:30am).  And Friday was just it’s own set of interesting.

The only part of that I’m willing to talk about is what happened to my pug.  You see, my dear little pug tends to walk right at people’s ankles if they don’t pay attention to her.  And, my nephew stopped at home to check in with his mother.  Unfortunately, because she was so close to him, he stepped back and stepped on her foot.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a clip of her scaring off not only my sister’s Great Dane, but also her Golden Retriever.  So, my pug is not some delicate flower (kind of like me).

We thought on Friday that it was just bruised, as it seemed to be getting better. I’ve stepped on her feet before myself, so I know at least some of how she reacts.  But, the next day it started to become worse.  Now, she’s reluctant to do a lot of anything that puts weight on the leg.

We’re still keeping an eye on it (mostly because we’re out in rural Wisconsin and there isn’t exactly an emergency pet hospital).  We have an “on call” vet, but that’s for “if I don’t deal with this right now, the pet will die” kind of emergencies.  She’s basically being treated like a queen (carried up and down stairs, helped up and off the furniture, etc).

And, I may have pulled my shoulder again trying to do stuff for her, since my shoulder is screaming again after having gotten mostly pain free.

On the other hand, since one of my “coping mechanisms” when I’m upset and can’t do anything about it is cleaning and/or organizing.  Since I’m working on costumes for a convention in July (I’m going to try to sell my art there), having my crafting supplies organized is actually a good idea since most of them got mish-mashed as I was leaving my ex.

I came across three pieces I worked on for a drawing class, and they sparked more inspiration for my art.  So, there’s a nice silver lining.

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