Enough Cranky Shit…

Now, I am well aware that a “butt load” is an actual measurement of liquid. And that a tun (the word from which we get our word “ton” from) is 2 butt-loads of liquid.

My sister and I, in a fit of silliness today, accused me of developing a standard measurement of shit-load, shit-ton, metric shit-ton, fuck-load, fuck-ton and metric fuck-ton.

So, I figured let’s go ahead and figure that out.

According to several dictionaries, a butt is made of 126 gallons, and strangely enough, I did find a math website that describes how one converts from fluid ounces into ounces (weight).  In essence, it is that 1 fluid ounce (fl. oz) = 1.0425 ounce (by weight). But it differs based on the specific gravity of the fluid being converted. The above conversion is water.

So, why is that important?  Because, sometimes the measurements listed above in the 2nd paragraph are solids, rather than liquids.

Now, there is also the fluid ounce to gallon conversion.  For water, that would be 1 fl. oz = 0.00781262 gallons. Going in the other direction (in the United States that is, in the UK 1 gallon = 160 fl. oz.), we have 1 gallon = 128 fl. oz.

Now, if we are logical about it, then we already know that butt is a referent to liquid.  Shit, on the other hand could easily be either a unit of weight or a unit of fluid.  Same could be said for fuck.

Don’t go searching for the average weight of shit, though.  It takes you through a wild ride through everyone’s wackiest theories on how to take a “healthy shit.” And discussing the relative assorted fluid weight and regular weight of fuck is about as wacky.

What do you guys think?

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