Yes, Another Political Post About Hillary

Sadly, this one is about logical fallacies, and the emotional manipulation that many of them create.

I read two articles in the last few days, trying to distract myself from a new set of symptoms found, because I have no control over the results of the tests, and must be patient until we can get more information from the labs.

Both were about Hillary Clinton:

My biggest issue is the repeated use of the “female” card.

Yes, she’s ambitious.  Yes, she is in many ways successful.  But, in my research of her past, she is far more like Trump than like Sanders.

It’s not the fact that she’s ambitious, it’s the fact that she will bend (or even break) her internal moral standard in order to be successful.  And that, my dears, is not a gender-linked issue.  It’s a privilege issue.  It’s an ethics issue.

She’s no different than any single one of the men and women involved in Wall Street.  It’s not her gender that we are objecting to.

Look, I am a woman AND a feminist.  And just because Hillary is a woman isn’t enough for me to back her.

I use the SAME measuring stick for female politicians that I use for male politicians.

Being equal means judging a person by merit and – at least for me – by ethical choices and actions.

Her qualifications are agreeably extensive.  Except, many of those qualifications include utter failures and massive screw-ups.  I wouldn’t call them “positive qualifications.”  I’d say she was like Sarah Palin or Dan Quayle, but she has more intelligence than both of them together.  And, I admit, she has done some very good things – even if at least half of them were done with an eye to “how it would play to the public.”

Ambition – alone and by itself – is neither good nor evil.  It is the choices you make in pursuit of that ambition that make it a problem.  And those choices are regardless of gender.  There are a lot of successful, ambitious women out there that I am more than happy to support and view as a role model, but Clinton is NOT among those women.

I’m not going to list many of the reasons I refuse to vote for Clinton.  I did that already.

I don’t believe 100% of what Sanders says either.  But, when looking at the ethics and choices between the two, he is the more ethical one.  And Trump is a clown.  I’m still researching Cruz.  Because, I am a centrist and an independent.  If I feel that a Republican is the most ethical, and has the best history – I’ll vote for them.  If I feel that a Democrat is the most ethical and has the best history – I’ll vote for them.  I do not ever vote blind.

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