Transparency and Fairness

After having gotten to a point of equilibrium with regards to my memories and experiences of life with my ex-husband (both good and bad, because no matter HOW unhealthy a relationship can be, there can be small gems of happiness) I no longer think of him on a daily basis, nor castigate myself for staying with him for so long.

I was recently given information that he too has been blogging, and in fact has also started a video journal, as well as written (and self-published) 3 books.

In the interests of fairness (something of major importance to me, I’m not going to hide or ignore the fact that in EVERY situation there are three so-called “truths.”  Those “truths” are:

  1. My perspective
  2. The other person’s perspective, and
  3. Actual reality

And, because I acknowledge that my perspective is not the only one, I’m going to give you some links, so that you can judge for yourself who my ex-husband is.

He is a strong advocate for destigmatizing PTSD. And, it is a valuable service.  Far too many people in this world have some form of it, and not all of them are armed forces or veterans.  Sadly, I developed my own experience from living with his.  But, admittedly mine is somewhere between mild and moderate, where his is severe.

His self-published non-fiction book is available on Amazon as are his two self-published stories.  He also has a channel on YouTube, and a blog also on

I have not purchased any of his books, don’t watch his channel and I only skimmed through his blog when I first heard about it. I see no reason to further punish myself by giving any attention to his opinions, particularly those about me.

This is about continuing the transparency I have promised myself to have.  I don’t fear his opinion of me, nor that someone thinks he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I’m an evil bitch.

I know who I am right now, and I have a direction to work in to become the person I want to be.  And that, my friends, is all we really should focus on.

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