Anti-Hillary Is Being Sexist?

via Your Gleeful Liberal Takedown of Hillary Clinton Is Affirming Institutional Sexism

I firmly and emphatically disagree.

First off, way to go setting up anyone who disagrees with your opinion.  Calling detractors of Hillary Clinton “gleeful” and “institutionally sexist” is already starting off the discussion with slanted language, intentionally setting anyone who disagrees on the defensive.  It may be a worthwhile strategy when one is looking for a polarized yes or no answer, but it is NOT a good strategy for persuasion.  When a person is defensive, they are far less likely to be persuaded.  In fact, when a person is defensive they are likely to become entrenched and stubborn in their understanding and position.

My issues with Hillary have absolutely nothing to do with her gender.  If she were a man, I would consider her just as unethical, just as elitist and just as “owned by the so-called establishment.” In fact, I considered Gore and Kerry to also be puppets of Wall Street.

I will NOT vote for anyone I consider to be unethical, regardless of what form of genitalia they are carrying around.

While I will admit that investigators found “insufficient evidence” in each of the investigations during her husband’s tenure as president, that is NOT in any way indicative of her innocence.  In fact, the only investigation that cleared her of charges of misconduct was the Filegate investigation.

She has, sadly, consistently made choices that support the opinion that she is an unethical person and has little to no personal honor or integrity.  That has nothing to do with her gender, only to do with her choices.  Those choices have been advantageous for her in a business environment and a financial one, but are serious strikes against her being trustworthy as President of the United States.

Don’t get me wrong, my distaste for her ethics (or lack thereof) is matched by distaste for Trump’s ethics, integrity and honor (to my mind, entirely lacking in him).  Again, not a gender issue.

The sexual misconduct of her husband, for example, bears no weight with me.  Their marriage is a private situation and as such, is really none  of my business, nor anyone else’s.  As with spirituality being between someone and their version of the Divine, they must answer to each other for mistakes in their marriage.

I find her move to New York to have been a coldly calculated step in her strategy.  Yes, I believe that even before she was First Lady, that she had plans to be President one day.  Becoming one of New York’s Senators as she and her husband were leaving the White House was still yet another step on that road.  Given the fact that the General Accounting Office found between $13,000 and $14,000 worth of damage done BY THE CLINTON ADMINISTRATION as they transitioned from the Clinton administration to the Bush Jr. administration, just adds an extra fillip of disgusting choices that this Senator has made.  And yes, I hold both her and her husband accountable for that.  You cannot do that level of damage without evidence, and both of them would have seen at least some of that devastation, and should have admonished their staff or at least reported the damage to the GAO immediately so that it would have been easier to point to specific perpetrators of the damage (including the theft of a presidential seal).

The fact that her husband also pardoned quite a few cronies in his last days in office are quite telling.  Yes, her husband made the decision but having been married myself I know damned well that something that important would have been discussed in-depth with his wife.  And, given her “meteoric rise,” those choices have followed through with money for her campaigns.

In fact, I am not “gleeful” at all, or in any way.  I would absolutely LOVE a woman as President.  I simply expect her to live up to the same standards of ethics, honor and integrity that I hold for any male presidential candidate. Sadly, almost none of the Presidential races I have been able to vote in (starting with Reagan’s second term) have actually given me ANY candidates that live up to that standard.  Instead, I research each candidate thoroughly to find the best of a fairly sorry lot, and choose to vote for that person.

Gender has no place in my decision.  And I am offended in the extreme that so many women are playing the sexist card when all they are really doing is saying that we SHOULD vote based on genitalia.  THAT, my dear ladies, is just as obscene as voting for a man simply because he has a penis!


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