Enlightened Self-Interest

via What Americans don’t understand about Nordic countries | Business Insider

I want to point something out to my fellow Americans. Sadly, most of the masses in America have a very slanted, very ignorant idea of what life in Europe looks like — whether it is the Scandinavian countries or mainland Europe or Mediterranean Europe.  In many ways, in general, Americans consider Europeans in general to be effete wastes of the oxygen they breathe. The different countries may have different stereotypes applied to them, but in general, there is an attitude that the people of Europe are morally bankrupt and don’t have the same drives or ambition that it is assumed of their fellow Americans

The sad thing is, from a motivational and emotional foundation, the average person in  the rest of the world isn’t that different than the average American.

Yes, the rest of the world has their selfish, greedy jerks; their uber-liberal, pie-in-the-sky idealists and their typical middle-of-the-road who just want a good life for themselves and their family.

What makes the difference is the base concept of enlightened self-interest. Many of you may be surprised to hear where I first was introduced to the concept (beyond idealistic, philosophical discussions within the family). I was introduced to it as a way of life by Satanists and Luciferians. And, yes, contrary to the stereotype of the sinister sacrificer or the teenage rebel, there are middle-of-the-road types in those religions as well.

It’s such a simple concept, I really don’t understand why it is a basic lesson that some people just can’t seem to learn.

Enlightened self-interest is basically looking at the long term.  Evaluating choices based on continued profit.  A modern day sheep farmer will not slaughter his entire flock just because the price of the meat has gone up, allowing him to make a large sum of money in a single season.  He might sacrifice more of his flock to get in on the money-making, but he is far more likely to make more money by balancing the long-term profit over the short-term gluttony.

Oil and other fossil fuels may bring in the big cash right now.  But the way we are consuming them, eventually that cash will simply disappear.  And the despoiling of the areas where many of the previous generations refused to attempt to remove the fuels means that there is that much less available for us to continue to provide food.  Don’t think it is a problem?  Look, the soil in our globe’s farming areas are being depleted of necessary nutrients, and the water tables and land that provide ways to bring back the nutrients are being destroyed to get at the fossil fuels.  No, this isn’t about being a tree-hugger.  It’s about realizing that our choices impact our world.

I really don’t have an issue with someone becoming wealthy.  I have an issue with someone incapable of considering their own self-interest in the long term for such a limited short-term return on investment.


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