Sex Workers Are People Too

via Dear New York Times…

This is an eloquent and impassioned statement, confronting yet another stereotype about another sub-culture within our society.

Look, I get it.  It’s ever so easy to look down on someone for the career choice they’ve made.  It’s easy to judge someone who works an ugly yet necessary job, a job for a multi-billion dollar industry or any other job that you look at as being demeaning or fit only for those who are lacking in any kind of intellect.

Yet, how many of us use the product of those jobs every single day?

I’m not just talking about the sex industry here.  Go look at the episodes shot via Mike Rowe’s “Dirty Jobs”.  There are millions of jobs out there that are a necessary part of the structure of our nation, yet few people even acknowledge those jobs as necessary or useful.

The hypocrisy of our culture is staggering.

If the people around you are honest, I would bet at least 95% of them consume porn in some fashion, whether it is via magazine or online – including those holier-than-thou of any stripe.  And at least half have in some way financially supported prostitution.

But, God forbid, that any sex worker fights for safety or health regulation.  They somehow “deserve” to die from HIV or be forced to sexually involve themselves with someone they know for a fact has an incurable form of STD/STI. Or worse, be assaulted because they asked a client to use a condom or some other way to protect themselves.

Like fat people, it is popular to judge sex workers.  And it is a far worse stigma to be a female sex worker than to be a male.  Just like with mainstream society, the men are looked up to and considered to be role models for sex in our society, even when they do activities that could (and do) destroy the bodies of the women they are acting with.  Oh, not so much to spend time hanging out with, but to be secretly idealized.

It’s allowable to judge sex workers, particularly female ones, because it is acceptable to judge regular women for enjoying and involving themselves actively in sex.  We still, after thousands of years, are still stuck in the dichotomy between Madonna vs. whore. We can only be respected if we are the untouchable Madonna, and anything but that particularly limiting role means we can be degraded, debased and used.  That we deserve to be attacked, abused and even murdered for wanting to experience a healthy sexuality. We get told that we “deserve” to be raped because we’re not living up to the Madonna role.

Well, this is ONE woman who stands up and applauds this woman for doing what is right; what keeps her, her family, her loved ones and her co-workers safe.  This is one women who would – if I knew her personally – stand right next to her fighting for that safety.  Who would be proud to know someone who is a strong advocate for safety and respect.

So, Miss Lorelei Lee – I salute you.  I respect you.  And I support your fight.

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