Ethnic “Cleansing”

 This scares me.  Not just “what will happen to those poor people?” No, there’s a much more immediate fear for me.

My brother and his children are “living while brown.” Now, given that one of his children lived up here in Cumberland, WI for most of his life, he hasn’t necessarily had to deal with much crap because of his skin color. I don’t know if that is still the case, since he now lives in a suburb, and goes to a large urban high school.  In fact, I’ve personally never lived somewhere like this that the racist assholes are encouraged to “keep that shit to themselves” for the most part. Now, I’m willing to believe that some of it comes down to the fact that my sister has never exactly been shy about doing what she had to in order to ensure her children (and being a guardian of two of my brother’s children still made them her own) had as good of a life as absolutely possible. Don’t piss off Mom, she becomes a grizzly bear. Auntie might be a wolf, but Mom is much scarier when you invoke her protective instincts AND she can flay the skin from your body while being perfectly polite and rational.

There is NO excuse for this kind of behavior.  No excuse for assuming that just because someone is different than you, that they deserve to be ground down beneath your heel.  No excuse for teaching your children to demonize anyone different than they are.

My brother is NOT an immigrant, he was born right here in the United States.  His children are not children of an immigrant. And on top of that, he’s a bloody hero.  He saved a co-worker from being burned to death, and was burned horribly doing it.  He’s slowly recovering, and doing what he can to rebuild his life.

He’s not perfect, and he made some very bad choices in the past.  But he tries, and that is what is important.  He takes accountability for his choices, and does what he can to make himself a better man.

But this isn’t even about immigration.  It’s an excuse to demonize anyone who is different.  It’s an excuse to blame anyone but ourselves for the situation in which our society finds itself.

It’s about one kind of human being forced to realize that no, they are not the kings and queens of the world.  That judging on merit ignores skin color, religion, sexual orientation or gender.  That judging on merit means they have to actually work to prove that as a person they are the best for a job, not because they have an advantage.

Mr. Trump is a throwback, a Neanderthal screaming about extinction because he doesn’t want to lose his privilege.  So, yes, he gathers a following of like-minded people.  The incoherency he spouts appeals to these people, even though they are a pure and clear example of disorganized speech.  There is no content in his speeches other than incoherent hate.

It scares me because by appealing to hate and adding a dose of fear encourages mob behavior, meaning that no matter how intelligent a person may or may not be they become influenced by the choices and mindset of those similar to themselves.  It scares me because it is cultish behavior. It scares me because he has developed a cult of personality, rather than standing for a real change in society.

We are living in a time of adolescence for our nation.  And, like every teen in the world, we are struggling to find out exactly who we are as a nation.  We can either grow and become stronger through this time, or we can fall under the herd mentality and try to stay in our nation’s childhood.

The ONLY difference is you.  Each of us helps to make or break our nation.  So, will you choose hate and the status quo? Or choose to become something far better than we have ever been?

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