If Someone Wins, I’m Moving Somewhere

Look, people, how about we stop with all of the empty threats. When Bush Jr. threw his hat in the ring, people made the same threats. When Obama took over the Democratic party from Hillary, people again made threats.

This shit isn’t funny anymore.

You want to make America “great again?”  Guess what? The ONLY way you can do that is to fight for it.  Make sure that not only everyone of voting age in your local district is registered to vote, but make sure that people who live too far away from their local voting place have rides or any other sort of need covered (ramps for the physically disabled, assistance for the deaf or blind, etc.). Make sure YOU vote.

Leaving the country means that you are refusing your responsibility for making our country better.  Think about it.  If our founders were as apathetic as voters today, we’d still be having tea & crumpets.

It doesn’t matter what party you vote for, it is important that you vote.  And it is VERY important for you to research the candidates.  Don’t just sit there and listen to the sound bites.  Actually look at their past decisions, their successes and failures, and their virtues and vices.

Our founding fathers expected that we would be a “well-informed populace.” Sadly, we seem to be insistent on keeping the citizenry ignorant, as well as telling them that anyone who IS educated is somehow elitist. Ignorance means that a mind can be swayed by charisma into choosing blindly those who would prefer to rule as a tyranny.

This is what happens when you edit out all mistakes that our ancestors made.  One cannot learn from history if it has been whitewashed and re-written.  Everything happening today, in our modern world, has happened in the past.  And, it has roots in the past as well.

When one raises children, the eldest often becomes the example for the younger ones.  The younger siblings have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of their elder sibling.  How can we learn from our country’s past if we haven’t been educated in it, or encouraged to understand it?

Being patriotic does not mean whitewashing our past, or looking at it through rose-colored glasses. It means facing and learning from the mistakes of our past. The simple fact of the era of McCarthyism should have been enough to teach us that our current divisiveness is unhealthy for our country. Yet people like Donald Trump can get closer and closer to the presidency, all the while standing on a political platform that repeats McCarthyism’s worst aspects – just with a different boogeyman.

Everyone quotes Machiavelli, saying he encouraged leaders to rule through fear.  But if you actually READ his The Prince you will find that he actually advocated ruling via love balanced with fear (i.e. making the populace love you, yet making sure that the criminal element fears you).  Fear is simply the easiest way to rule, because it is a hard road to walk to make you a beloved ruler.  And if you can’t make them love you, then fear is your only option.

The over-all practices of our government — on both sides of the political aisle, Democrat and Republican alike — seem to have forgotten this.  It is so much easier to rely on an ignorant populace who are easier swayed by the politics of fear.  An educated populace, like our founders insisted upon, is much harder to rule via fear, because they will eventually stand up and revolt against that fear-mongering.

And, ladies, I’m sorry to say, but Hillary Clinton is among those who like to use the politics of fear.

We need to wake up as a nation, and take back the reins of our own government.


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12 thoughts on “If Someone Wins, I’m Moving Somewhere

  1. Excellent post- you make great historical, educational, and philosophical points on this upcoming Presidential election.

  2. Even if Trump were to win the presidency the worst he can do is appoint Supreme Court Justices. (which is in of itself pretty bad, but it’s no worse than if Cruz or Rubio were making the appointments) The Congress is going to allow him to build a wall of deport Muslims. They’ll be just as divisive under him as they are under Obama.

    • Not exactly. The worst anyone can do is stage a coup d’etat, and become a dictator. And don’t tell me it can’t happen here – all it takes is more of the same fear-mongering that we’ve been hearing since the end of World War II.

      And I’m not just talking about Trump or the Republicans — I’m talking about the whole damned system. I’m talking about people who are so apathetic that they are unwilling to move their butts off of their collective couches and take back their government – a government so corrupt and venal that both sides of the aisle are owned by corporate masters. Yes, even Clinton.

      WE are the ones being divisive. The ones who are allowing the fear-mongerers to lead us around with a ring in our noses. We’re the ones who have forgotten that just because someone disagrees with us, doesn’t mean that they are a faceless, evil enemy. Our politicians prefer us to be ignorant sheep, because that means they get to keep sucking at the corporate tit.

      • I agree with you re corporate America but am not nearly as optimistic. The deck is stacked and the center is going to hold because that’s the way G.E., Lockheed, et al want it. We’re not getting Socialism (much as I would prefer it) and we’re not getting fascism. Just more of the same.

      • I didn’t say I’m optimistic. And I am a centrist — I think both ends of the political spectrum have gone absolutely bug-shit crazy. And I believe the politicians are encouraging the fringe nut-jobs, so that the populace will keep them in power.

        But, who becomes President is less important than the control of Congress (both houses), and the Judiciary. The President can only do so much without the support of Congress and the Supreme Court. And people have seemed to forget that. The Executive branch was set up by the founders to be less powerful than the other two branches, intentionally.

        I don’t honestly think we’ll have any real change unless we can actually clean out the corruption.

      • The only meaningful change, at least as far as the middle class and poor are concerned would come from the extreme left. The center is happy with the 1% taking the lion’s share of profits

      • That’s far too simplistic an answer. There are important, reasonable thoughts on both sides of the aisle. The far left is just as bug-shit crazy as the far right. I’m not thrilled at living in a world underneath either end. The far left wants to control the world just as much as the far right. They just want to claim that it is for “our own good.”

        Uncontrolled mental independence threatens both ends of the spectrum, because it means that the populace wants to think for itself, not be told what is good for it.

        We’ve been living under the mantle of the far left and far right for far too long. Compromise is NOT a swear word. Compromise is the only way to get things done.

        And, no, the center does not necessarily stand for the 1%. I certainly don’t! Decades of unregulated activities, and a weakening of the labor population has allowed these neo-robber-barons to return to exploiting the average worker (I’m not just talking about unions, which have become just as corrupt as corporations) and exploit the tax system. I support a return to regulation, and a higher tax, back to the kind of taxes for the rich that we had prior to the 1980s. I support going back to the anti-trust and anti-monopoly laws, which were gutted in the last 100 years.

        You can’t make sweeping generalizations – of ANYONE. Just because they don’t agree with you does not make them wrong, it just means they have a different perspective than you.

      • Not sure what you mean by bug shit crazy since you haven’t specified. I don’t think Sanders is crazy — in fact I believe he is a the best chance this country has and is easily the most moral of all the candidates. I can’t tell since you’re mostly generalizing but it sounds to me that you’re fairly liberal but resent politically correct politics. That’s fair.

      • What I mean is not just the political correctness, but the pie-in-the-sky expectation that the world must bow down to every little trend someone is obsessed with. Things like the whole nation should be vegan, hunting should be outlawed, that honoring someone else’s heritage must be done only at the expense of one’s own, that feminism requires the subjugation of all men and other biases that some fringe person thinks is necessary. And, yes, I have heard and read many of those.

        For the most part, I agree with Sanders. But I don’t think he will usher in a “Golden Age” utopia. Change comes only when we stand up and fight for it.

        And turning our fellow Americans into faceless enemies is not helpful. The only way we have moved forward as a nation has been compromise and cooperation – which we have seemed to forget.

      • Fine, but I’m not compromising with climate-change deniers. That’s what i mean by these issues are not the same. Newspapers – even the Times – quoting wack jobs on the right just to get the other opinion. But the other opinion is either based on myth (religion) or just plain wrong. (climate change deniers) It’s not the same arguing about gun control where there are in fact two sides.

      • Can you not see that you are, in fact, making that particular group into a faceless, stereotypical, homogenous enemy?

        Not everyone, even in that group, thinks exactly the same any more than all feminists think like radical feminists do.

        Whether due to a faith issue or believing in a scientist denying it (usually for money), doesn’t really matter. It’s knowing and trying to understand their position that allows for mutual growth.

        Note, I did not say believe what the other person does. But trying to understand is far better than beating them about the head and shoulders. No person has ever accepted any education if they are attacked. It only means they will erect their defenses, and ignore the alternatives.

        For example, I see no problem with intelligent design as a concept. But, unlike many others, I see it as nothing more than the Divine guiding evolution to develop the Universe however It sees fit. But the moment I say something like that I am lumped in with the strict creationists, even though I am not even a Christian.

        Everything always more than just “two sides.” Nothing is ever just black and white. Another example….hunting. One end of the spectrum believes hunting is cruel and must be banned. The other end believes they can shoot whatever they want, and screw anyone who tells them they can’t. Yet the middle of the two ends believes hunting is a responsibility, because we have killed off most of the natural predators, and the groups of animals must be culled to prevent starvation, which is a far more cruel way to die. Middle of the road also believes that pure “sport hunting” (doing it for trophies only) is irresponsible, and wishes there was an easier way to stop it.

        The moment you demonize a group, you start down the path of so-called “righteous anger,” which often leads to extremist responses.

      • However: The extreme right and extreme left not equatable: The extreme right does not believe in science. End of story.

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