Not Just A Pretty Face

I’ve been asked before why, if I don’t garner a lot of “followers” or “readers,” why don’t I just give up writing a blog.  The reality is, I don’t write for “followers” or “readers,” I write first and foremost for me.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate everyone who reads and/or follows my blog — because I DO appreciate you guys! It’s more about the fact that my brain rarely if ever actually shuts up.  And keeping all of that inside my head means that I’m not assessing it, I’m letting it bias me in too many ways.  And just because I see something a certain way because of my own subjective perspective, doesn’t mean that perspective has any actual relation to objective truth.

I started doing this back in 2004, at LiveJournal. It’s no longer live.  Then, in May of 2008, I moved over to Facebook.  Somewhere in 2012 or 2013, someone asked me why don’t I just start a blog? This was mostly because I was essentially writing novel-sized posts that no one other than my friends could read, and some of them wanted to be able to share those posts with THEIR friends.

So, here I am.  And I’m only using the free blogging at until I know that I can consistently pay for hosting.

But, I’m not just writing about ONE thing.  I’m not just being an advocate for body acceptance.  I am a feminist who believes EVERYONE deserves equality – not just one kind of person.  I’m an advocate for standing up for yourself and REFUSING to be abused.  I’m a sexual positivity advocate who doesn’t just focus on ending things like slut-shaming – I think it is important to realize that there is a HUGE spectrum for adult human sexuality and not everyone fits in the same place on that spectrum.  I’m an advocate for REAL education, the kind that teaches people how to THINK not how to memorize. I’m talking about difficulties in life, in relationships and in growing up.

As I stated in the post in which I explained intersectionality, no human being is ever just a 2-dimensional label.  We ALL have many different aspects to WHO we are. And I’m not about to ignore those other aspects of myself, because I don’t just view the world through one single filter.  Oh, sometimes I do, because often it can depend on just which emotion was triggered and just which subject I feel the need to post about.  But again, that’s part of being human.

I have less than 1,000 visitors/readers and less than 100 followers (no clue how many people are actually following via email – at least I can’t find it in my stats). I have people from 16 different countries reading this blog, most of them from the United States, the U.K., Israel, Russia and Australia.  I have 234 posts (229 already posted, 3 scheduled ahead, and 2 drafts – plus a text file with post ideas in it, basically “fermenting” until I have actually had enough thought about it to be at least somewhat coherant). Some marketing guru out there I’m sure would look at my stats and tell me I need to pay him thousands of dollars to “raise my visibility.”

However, because I started this for me, I can be happy and humbled that there is even over 10 people (all personal friends) who want to read what I write. It’s not about how “famous” I want to be (not really an issue in my mind, actually – if I make a difference in only ONE life, then I feel I’ve succeeded as a human being). It’s not about “wanting attention.”

It’s plainly and simply about being the EXACT opposite of the person I’ve been for 20 years.  It’s about no longer hiding, no longer lying, no longer being isolated and alone.  It’s about me being who I am, with both warts and beauty.

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