Help A Woman Out, Here

I’m looking for photographers (or models with photographs) who are willing to let me use their work/likeness in the Photoshop work I’m doing.

Sadly, there is no money up front right at this point in time, but might be able to negotiate something later, or open to current bartering negotiations.

This is NOT a hope for “free” work (although, if you want to give me a free license for your work, I won’t turn it away, and I will publicize your work on this blog as credit for the photo(s)). I’m not one of those idiots who want you to give free work away “for the exposure.” Your time is JUST as valuable as mine.

Any photographs involved MUST BE a minimum of 4080 pixels in width x 4800 pixels in height (width can be smaller if height is good – current working file is that height, and most items will be of a similar size).

Be aware, all end items will be sold as art. Model release, and licensing required.

Please initiate contact via my contact form, more details will be provided after contact has been initiated.

Thanks for your attention!

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