Fat As The Ultimate Evil

via An Obesity Tax Is Legalized Discrimination.

Discrimination aimed at fat people isn’t exactly a surprise to those of us who grew up fat.  Every part of our society is so damned anti-fat that being told your life is shitty “because your’e fat” is an acceptable answer to any cry for help.

Because being fat is all about sloth, gluttony and a severe lack of willpower.

Yeah, sure.  And I’d like to sell you some beautiful ocean-view land, in Nevada.  It only glows sometimes.

As the article states, obesity is a horrendously complex medical condition.  EVERY YEAR we’re finding out more about our bodies, and how they work.  And, while the statistic of 95% of obese people regain the weight has been disproven, the new studies still show that only 2o.6% of obese individuals ever actually keep it off.

That is STILL 79.4% who regain the weight.  It’s writing the smaller number so that supposedly there is less of a “negative impact.”

It’s not easy answers, people. It’s NOT simple.  And, please, read the study.

And as much as their complaint about the 1959 study is that they only used 100 individuals for it, this new study only chose 500 individuals.  And they define successful weight maintenance as being losing at least 10% of initial body weight and maintaining the loss for at least 1 y. Although, they did follow up with participants after 5 years as well.

And given how a greater percentage of the lower classes are obese, because healthy foods are expensive, working more than one job to keep your family fed means there is little time for exercise outside of work, and the fact that an increasing number of “lower income” individuals do not know how to cook (let alone have the time and/or energy to cook even if they know how), the multiple-billion dollar weight loss industry is desperately afraid that those of us with more padding will realize that the issue should be focusing on BEING HEALTHY rather than simply losing weight (because the cycle of yoyo dieting is good business) and STOP filling their pockets.


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