Trying to Take Advantage

“Don’t piss on my hand, and try to tell me it’s raining.”

Grandma Rose

some time in the 1980s

“Don’t pee on my leg, and tell me it’s raining.”

Judge Judy

some time in the late 1990s
Quoting her father

I recently made a comment on Facebook that was something I remember both my grandmother and and father saying when I was growing up. You see it to the right. And yes, I know Judge Judy said it too, but if you think about it her father and my grandmother were probably approximately the same age, and lived through the same era.

Thing is, what both quotes are saying is not to try to lie to someone in a way that expects that person to be a complete and total idiot.  It’s like you’re a pet trying to cover its feces on linoleum — it’s just NOT going to happen.

And when someone is admitting to a mistake that they made, do NOT try to make that person at fault for everything.

A mistake is not the end of the world, and does not make someone responsible for your own personal choices.  Does anyone even remember the saying: “two wrongs don’t make a right”? The immoral, illegal and unethical actions you take are not somehow made moral or ethical simply because they were done in response to someone else’s immoral, illegal or unethical choices.

For example, stealing from your work because the owner of the company is embezzling from the stockholders does not make your illegal action of stealing suddenly legal.

I am not a doormat.  And I will NEVER again allow myself to be used as one by anyone, regardless of their relationship with me (business or personal).

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