Sexualizing the Female Body

So-Called Perfect Model

My dear friends, THIS is one version of what is considered the “perfect female body.” Now, if she happens to have a metabolic rate that supports that body, then I say good for her.  On the other hand, since the lowest “healthy body weight” for a woman her height, with a small frame is 129 pounds, I would say that she is likely starving herself to get to that weight.

10202795_f496But please, look at that body shape.  Does it remind you of anything?  It should, it’s based on the same “look” that Twiggy made so popular in the 1960s. Honestly, before her in the 1930s to the 1950s, it was considered bad to be “skinny”.

This look can be described in many ways:

  • Androgynous
  • Willowy
  • Pre-Teen
  • Pre-pubescent
  • Adolescent boy

Is it any wonder that in a world where every advertisement puts this kind of person in front of us, and says, “here is the perfect body,” that there are people who are trying to make pedophilia simply a “lifestyle choice?”

Not only that, but if a model is of a more “normal” size or weight, she is considered somehow a “plus sized model.” Don’t get me wrong, many of those so-called plus sized models are damned beautiful!!!  But, think about it, Marilyn Monroe wore a size 12 – but plus-sized models are considered to be anything more than a size 8, nowhere near what the rest of us consider to be a “plus sized model” which to most of us doesn’t actually start until size 16.

And then, on top of it, these models – put into “sexy” or “suggestive” poses – pretty much are used to sell anything and everything.

Suddenly, that pre-pubescent look becomes a bit more scary!  Girls usually don’t start getting a “shape” until after menstruation starts.  But, due to the fact that we have created an estrogen imbalance in the world – both by synthetics and natural sources – that our girls are developing at far younger ages than we did.  I was considered “early” at 12, the “average” age for my generation of girls was – as I remember it – 16.  Now, we’re not only hearing of girls who develop it at 8 or 9, but girls who are pregnant by rape as young as 8 or 9.

On top of it,  we have child beauty pageants and dance recitals where even babies are put in (there was a woman in the UK who sent in her utrasound as a pageant entry, and the baby won a runner up position.  Her elder sister at 19 months did a twerking routine to win her crown.

Now, I’m not one of those people who cries, “think about the children!!” every time something I don’t approve of – but doesn’t harm anyone in a non-consensual manner – pops up.

But sexualizing girls from BIRTH?  Really?  And you men don’t think we women grow up with all of this sexualization going on?  The woman who is truly “comfortable” with her sexuality either grew up with very reasonable parents who let her experiment in a safe environment, OR has done a huge ass-load of work on herself.  I may be a sex positive advocate, but I have done a massive load of work on myself – AND I’m still working on some shame, some fear and some worry about my body.

It’s impossible to get through high school without being given shit about your body.  Even if you are a very attractive girl, there’s STILL going to be someone out there who thinks you are somehow “disgustingly fat.”

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