Recovering Nicely, Thank You

I’ll admit, I’ve been WUI (writing-under-the-influence).  I don’t know that anyone has actually seen anything different, besides my closest loved ones, but I can tell the difference.

Percoset is a wonderful thing when you’re in pain.  But it’s not something for long-term use. Thankfully, yesterday and today I’ve been able to scale back to only 1 per day, usually toward the evening as I am walking around on this boot (seen to the right).

If you wonder how easy it is to walk in this thing, especially when the thicker heel area is twice the height of the heel of the shoe on the other foot, it’s a big pain in the ass.

And I mean that BOTH literally and figuratively.

With the arthritis in the vertebrae where my back joins with my pelvic girdle (L4/L5 and L5/S1 – to be exact – located just above where the butt starts), not only do I get regular foot and leg pain, but anything that changes my balance causes further pain in my hip and back.  Frankly, I needed the pain meds more for the imbalance than I needed it for dealing with the pain of the incision.

And. yes, although my boyfriend doesn’t believe me, I have stuck to the doctor’s orders.  If I’m not laying down in bed, the shoe is on.

I shouldn’t bitch that he doesn’t quite believe that I’m following doctor’s orders.  I didn’t always do what the surgeon wanted me to do.  But, I didn’t actually break the screws until she actually allowed me to put weight on the foot. And then, I only broke one.  It wasn’t until she let me walk without the boot that I broke the other one.

Of course, he’s just as stubborn when it comes to taking care of himself, so we match pretty well.  Plus, we have the same sense of humor.

I texted him the above shoe, because we started dating just after my initial foot surgery, and he knew what the boot looked like.  What was his response?

“That’s not a shoe, that’s a space station!”

To which, my reply was: “Naw, maybe an aircraft carrier.”

There was more, but you get the drift.

But, between that, and talking to my mother yesterday, I’ve come to realize just how much my poor body’s been through most of my life.  And how much willpower it has actually taken to not be totally disabled by this age.

You’d think that someone like me could recognize just how hard I have worked on keeping my body healthy throughout my life.  But, given how much I’ve prized someone else’s worth higher than my own, it is fairly obvious I did no such thing.

I think that may end up being a different post – one that discusses the argument of nature vs. nurture.

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