Focusing on Health

I usually try to have a spate of scheduled posts, so that I can keep up with my preference to post at least once per day.

But, sometimes that just doesn’t happen.

Yesterday, I went off to surgery. Nothing huge, not like my sister having her gall bladder removed 2 days before Christmas (she came home Christmas Eve, and I got to make Christmas/Nephew Birthday dinner {yes, my eldest nephew was born on Christmas}).

Foot BonesIn fact, it was to clean up an older surgery. In 2013, we attempted to fuse the cuboid and cuneiform bones, because I have degenerative arthritis in those bones in both feet (I also have arthritis in the ankles, and in my lower back [L4/L5 and L5/S1).

Sadly, talking to my current podiatrist (who is also the surgeon), I am NOT a good candidate for foot fusion. The fusion never happened. The bone graft to move my heel to its correct position worked, but not the fusion.

Plus, I broke 2 of the four screws that was supposed to help keep the bones aligned to allow the fusion.

It’s not just my weight that makes me “not a good candidate.” In fact, it’s because in addition to the weight, I’m also far more active than the stereotypical ‘fat chick.’

So, I spent yesterday pretty much recovering from the surgery, and trying to keep up with my pain meds that make the incision only a background pain, as opposed to “Oh, holy shit, cut it off!!”

On the other hand, one of the biggest thing about issues like this is that for the last 20 years I’ve more often than not had no health insurance.  So, I only really went to a doctor either in an emergency, or when the job I had offered the insurance (because the ex more often than not couldn’t keep a job, or the health insurance wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

I consider this part of body positivity. It’s important to me to be as healthy as I can be, not just recovering and rebuilding myself mentally and emotionally, but physically as well because your mind and body are not separate – they work in tandem.  The more healthy I am physically, the easier the mental and emotional issues become because I have the physical energy to deal with them.

But, I’m gathering up post fodder.  We return to your regularly scheduled rants!

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