Fat People Shouldn’t……

“You really shouldn’t wear that mini-skirt. No one wants to look at your fat thighs!”

“You can’t wear that, you’ll look like you’re trying too hard!”

“Never go swimming.  No one wants to look at a whale!”

Do you know exactly what FAT PEOPLE shouldn’t do?

  1. Feel guilty for having fun, looking sexy, or doing whatever they want to do.
  2. Feel ashamed of their body while enjoying themselves doing anything they want to do.
  3. Listen to assholes who can’t figure out how to love themselves, so they’d rather make others feel ashamed, so they dont feel so alone.

The reality is that we – each and every human being on this damned planet – have the right to do whatever we wish, as long as it is done with the consent of any others involved.

And no, that doesn’t mean we have to have the consent of everyone in the world to do yoga, go to a gym, wear whatever clothing we want, or any other shallow shit someone else wants to bitch about.  It isn’t involving them if you want to wear a mini-skirt, go swimming, wear sexy clothing or anything else like that.  If they don’t want to see it?  Guess what?  They can LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE!

I’m going to continue to wear clothing I feel sexy in, no matter what other people think.  It doesn’t matter if someone thinks I am too old, too fat or too whatever the bitch of their choice is.  I’m going to continue to do things I want to do – like swimming, dancing, walking or anything else – regardless of whether someone else wants to be offended by it. I’m going to continue to enjoy sex, even if someone thinks I don’t have the right to a healthy sex life.

I will not compromise myself for anyone ever again.

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4 thoughts on “Fat People Shouldn’t……

  1. Fat shaming was always people complaining “Dammit, no one looks the way I want them to!”. If they were concerned about health, they’d be out dismantling schools and making gyms less expensive.

    We don’t owe anyone our bodies, and we have no obligation to look good or even to be healthy. I’d rather live in a world where no one goes past 40 but do what they want.

    • Well, if you are going the route of Logan’s Run, then I would be dead. AND, I would be dead before I learned any of the lessons I have learned, that I am sharing with the world now. FFS, I’m 47. And there are people in this world who are older than 40, who never made a DIFFERENCE in the world until AFTER they were 40.

      That’s just another way of saying you hate someone that is different than you simply because of something they cannot change about themselves. I’ve spent my life on one diet or another, and it was NOT until I hit peri-menopause that I started to lose weight. In other words, until the time when my body said, ‘Hey, we need to shut down some of the estrogen-making in this factory!’ that I actually started to lose weight.

      • The age thing was to the people who think that by being fat, we’re all destined to die young. Aside from the fact that it’s not enough proof to determine someone’s health, it’s a person’s own choice whether to be healthy or not. There’s no moral obligation to be healthy, but there is a moral obligation not to harm others. Fat shaming is only harming others.

  2. five stars *****
    (out of five)

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