Flint, and Justice in Michigan

via Newly released emails cast Flint scandal in a new light

I’ve stated in other places that I believe strongly that most of the crises that have popped up in the last 40-50 years have sadly been little more than a way for politicians to spin-doctor their way into their constituents’ hearts.

And the disaster in Flint, Michigan, is no different.

It was created by corruption, and encouraged by venal, greedy and short-sighted politicians and bureaucrats on every level. Michigan, sadly, has been known for this kind of government for decades. Just like within Wisconsin, the corruption tends to center around the big cities, rarely to their welfare or the welfare of the more rural areas.

And it isn’t only the supposedly conservative side that has been corrupt.

The only thing different about this is that it got to emergency levels and could no longer be hidden in the bottom drawer of the bureaucracy (or worse, shredded in landfills).

Detroit has been dying for decades. Visiting Detroit numerous times in the 90s, I saw how the city was dying. I saw how hard it was for the “have nots” in the city – not just the people of color, but pretty damned much everyone there who wasn’t in the “top tier.” I visited Flint often during that time as well. Given how close it actually is to Detroit, it didn’t surprise me that Flint was dying along side Detroit.

People living in both places repeatedly told me how their government was a leech on the side of the state, how corruption and cronyism was the “expected” way of doing business in Michigan. All of the truth has been there – it’s just been shuffled under the radar as long as they could possibly do so.

And again, just like they have done for decades, government and politicians want to be seen somehow “doing something” about the situation.

It makes me sick that Mrs. Clinton is AGAIN using a disaster to make political points with her “target demographic.”  Oh, yeah, she’s sent someone in to help the people in Flint, but it makes me wonder exactly WHO she was sent to help?

Amanda Renteria, Clinton campaign’s national political director (i.e. campaign manager),  was sent because she had previous experience with Michigan, having served as Chief of Staff for a senator from Michigan. She also sent a policy adviser.  You know what that tells me?  Hillary sent in someone who knows where some (if not most or all) the bodies are buried.  Someone who can possibly spin doctor this disaster into a political coup for Clinton. BOTH of these people have no background in the actual issues at hand.  If Clinton REALLY wanted to help, she should have sent more medical staff, more engineering types – basically people to actually DO SOMETHING about the water situation, not just spin it.

Hell, shortly afterwards, the MAYOR of Flint endorsed Clinton.

One would think at a time like this, the MAYOR of the city, under whose supervision this water problem grew, would be focusing more on helping her constituents deal with this health crisis her own local government exacerbated, instead of praising any particular political figurehead.

I would go one step further than Bernie Sanders did in this case. I would NOT only require the resignation of the governor, along with a huge investigation into the corruption that has run rampant in Michigan, but require the resignation of the MAYOR of Flint.

The corruption in this country is a DISGRACE.

And,  I have said it before, and will say it again:

There is NO WAY in this world that Hillary Rodham Clinton deserves to be President of the United States.  Her ethics are non-existent, her past of scandal and criminal behavior speaks for itself. Her tactics of bullying, abusing and harassing her so-called enemies make for a person who should be in jail, not in the highest seat of government.

She is NOT the “feminist” choice by a long shot.  Voting for her just because she has XX genes, and female anatomy is folly.  I want a woman president too, but NOT this woman.  I want a woman with honor, integrity and ethics.

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