This Is Not New News

via Our Imaginary Weight Problem – The New York Times

Another click bait headline, but it’s not exactly commentary that is in any way new.  We’ve already been shown that BMI is rarely, if ever, a definition of how healthy/not healthy a person is.  We’ve already had multiple studies that have shown if the individual’s genetic history is taken into account, that the so-called weight-related illnesses do not automatically mean that obesity = death.

What do I mean by that last?  If four groups of patients are studied, one pair only separated only by weight, and the other pair separated by genetic predisposition to these supposed weight-related diseases, the percentage of those who die from those diseases is EXACTLY the same percentage as those who are of a supposed normal weight, with the same genetic predisposition.

It is our genetics that incline us to things like diabetes, heart trouble, and even things like arthritis and joint issues.  Can the extra weight cause some difficulties in retarding the progress of the diseases? Of course, but it is NOT the root cause of the diseases.

But that means that all of those weight trainers, those people who make money off the diet and exercise industry, the crap they are spouting is WRONG.  And, the multi-TRILLION dollar industries that are based on us HATING ourselves and killing ourselves to get to a supposedly normal weight, they’re just out to make money – not actually HELP anyone.

You mean, you didn’t see this coming?

EVERY industry out there is out to make money.  And, although there are laws against false advertising, as long as the small print offers a disclaimer, these industries can lie through their damned teeth.  And they do, on a regular basis.

I dare you to go into GNC, or the Vitamin Shoppe, or any other place that sells weight-loss aids, and really LOOK at the wording on the packaging or the bottle.  Look at how many of the claims have a disclaimer attached (those little numbers next to the claim? Or the odd asterisks or little cross shaped daggers? Those can be found elsewhere on the packaging in VERY, VERY small print, with an explanation).

Essentially, anything you buy for supposed weight loss has these disclaimers, because the item may or may not actually be useful in helping whatever goal you’re buying it for.  Because the item only works in certain conditions, or used in certain ways, and often the numbers are massaged (and rarely compared to a control group).

While you’re fighting against the fashion industry and the magazine industry about setting up impossible standards, maybe it’s time to make the diet and exercise industry actually accountable for its bullshit as well.

There have been articles and studies talking about how certain diet supplements and exercise processes actually KILL people.  But, each company backing those products and services claim it is because the person(s) misused their product or service.  While this may be true (I mean there IS a reason we have a website on the ’Net called the Darwin Awards – because people ARE stupid), it isn’t for everyone.  There was a recall on Hydroxycut because the FDA considered the complaints of severe liver damage and/or renal failure (kidney issues) to be credible.

Jenny Craig, Lean Cuisine, and Weight Watchers aren’t much better.  Look at the actual contents of their food sometimes.  The sodium levels are through the roof, and they aren’t always careful about the type of oils/fats they include in the product.  The ONLY thing they have going for them is portion control.  And, if you bothered to take the time on the weekend to plan out your menu, and do some prep work, you could actually MAKE those items at home in a MORE healthy way, and STILL stick to the portions that those offer. But then, that requires effort.

Life is effort, people.  It’s hard work to live a fulfilling life.  And no one is going to do it for you.

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