Entitlement, Much?

via ‘Family values’ conservative: “If women can breastfeed in public, I can grab their breasts”

How can someone even THINK this? The logic that leads to this comes down to “I can touch anything I have sexualized and/or fetishized.”

It’s just another way of saying: “Women are objects.”

Men have NO similar portions in their own bodies that have such diverse uses.  Men’s nipples are essentially a waste of skin.  But they have them because the reality is, until the primary sex characteristics (i.e. genitals) show up, essentially all fetuses are physically female (regardless of what combination of gene they have – i.e. XY, XX, XXY, XYY, etc).  It is the atrophy of certain parts in a female and other parts in a male that make the physical differences (and the continued growth of both sets that define a hermaphrodite).

Secondarily, if I choose to be naked in public, regardless of whether I am breastfeeding or not, I STILL have body autonomy – which means I STILL have the right to say who gets to touch me or not touch me.

This is NO different than a male at a Renaissance Faire wearing a kilt, and having to fend off drunks who want to do a “kilt check.”  For those who don’t know, a “kilt check” is when some strange person comes up to a man wearing a kilt, who lifts his kilt, and grabs at his penis.

If it isn’t OK for anyone to do that to a man, it is NO MORE OK for any person to touch any other person without consent – and that includes women not wanting someone to touch them. NO MATTER HOW THEY ARE DRESSED OR UNDRESSED.

Nudity is NOT about family values.  In Genesis, the issue was NOT that Adam and Eve were naked, it was that they felt shame and embarrassment at being naked.  They felt shame that they no longer were perfect representations of God.

My parents (including my pastor father) felt that nudity was acceptable.  They never taught me to be ashamed of my nakedness.  I was taught my body was a gift of the Divine, and as both a gift and in the image of the Divine I should not be ashamed of it.  It was only once puberty set in that any forms of embarrassment or shame showed up.   And THAT was mostly due to societal influence and to size issues.

I’ve seen other nude bodies through my entire life.  And ONLY in sexual situations, is there any thought of touching another person’s naked flesh.

This same kind of thinking would make it supposedly normal for someone in a same-sex locker room who happens to be homosexual to sexually attack anyone they wanted.  But, lesbians don’t attack straight women in locker rooms, and I have yet to hear of a gay man sexually attacking a straight man in a locker room.

There are only two situations I have heard of where anyone is attacked in a locker room (sexually or not):

  1. A pedophile attacking a child (same sex or not).
  2. Heterosexuals attacking a homosexual because they somehow think the homosexual is going to attack them.

Or is it that some men are afraid another man is going to treat them the way they treat women?

Hmmm, Golden Rule, anyone?

If you don’t want to be “done by” as you do, then perhaps you need to change what YOU do.

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One thought on “Entitlement, Much?

  1. fariiisthaa

    Well said! None of these problems would exist if “some people” understood the meaning of “consent”. Last week I came across some cartoon depictions that explicitly describe consent using everyday scenarios.

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