The Realities of Being Fat

PLEASE, read the comic first! Then, spend a bit of time thinking about it for a bit.

I don’t know the artist or writer (whether or not they are the same person) of this comic/manga. If you happen to know, I would like to be able to give them credit where credit is due, and a link to their own website(s) if possible.

Let yourself think about the comic for a second here, if you haven’t.  If the ending bothers you, think about this:

The stereotypes about fat people, and particularly fat women, are varied and seem to grow every day.  They are that all fat people are ugly, lazy, stupid, greedy, gluttonous, or slobs, and that they DESERVE to be treated poorly, with no amount of acceptance or understanding.

There is the expectation that if the fat person cared about themselves AT ALL they would starve themselves (just like the person in the comic) because that would be the ONLY reason they would become beautiful and attractive to whatever gender they are interested in as romantic partners.

Let me point out a few things, garnered from not only my own experience as a fat female from birth, but from talking to others – both male and female – who have also been fat from birth.

The stereotype continues to abuse, even to the point of abusing a parent of an obese child, because if the parent “cared about the child at all!” they would OBVIOUSLY take steps to ensure that the child grew up to be a more “normal” body size and shape.

What that does is create human beings who hate themselves, who think they can NEVER be good enough, who cannot accept themselves for who they are – because EVERY HUMAN IN THE WORLD (except for other fat people – and even some of them have drunk the Kool-Aid) INCLUDING THEIR PARENTS AND FAMILY have repeatedly told them throughout their life that they are not “good enough.”

Fat people are NOT the only people told this.  But, most of the non-fat people who are told this are abused in other ways.  It is only fat people who are told they are NOT being abused, that the person(s) who are telling them to lose weight are doing it out of “compassion and concern.”

When an abusive parent tells their child that they are only doing so out of “concern” for the child, or when a pedophile tells their victim that the sexual abuse is “love,” those who are saved from the abuse are able to be helped to recover from and deal with the obvious lie.

But, NO ONE (except body acceptance advocates) tries to save fat people from this abuse.

Think about this psychological mental and emotional abuse for a bit. If a fat person does not act like the stereotype (i.e. kind, gullible, cheerful, always willing to be the butt of the joke), they are considered scary or intimidating.  If they are women, they are called bitches, control-freaks, battle axes, or any number of other negative epithets that all mean the same thing – they scare people because they don’t fit the “expectation.”

Now, I’m NOT going to turn into the woman at the end of this comic (I refuse to do spoilers, so I’m going to be vague).  But I also refuse to be the person I am “expected to be” because I’m fat.  I’m not going to allow those of a “normal” body shape to abuse me, and I’m going to call people on their abuse.  If that means I scare you, well then maybe you need to reassess your perception.  I’d be a feminist heroine if I was of a “normal” size or shape because I’m willing to empower myself and not be limited by society.  But because I’m fat, I’m a villain and not a hero.

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