Commenting is a Privilege, Not a Right

The right of free speech has been enshrined into international law.  It has three main aspects:

  1. The right to seek information/ideas
  2. The right to receive information/ideas
  3. And, the right to communicate information/ideas

However, this human right also has limits.  In the private sphere, it is societal approval/disapproval that governs what may be said or not said.  In other words, if you are in a family situation in which cursing/swearing is considered impolite, you are constrained from that form of free speech (unless, of course, you are willing to put up with the consequences of ignoring that rule).

Blogs, Facebook walls, and other personally focused Internet spaces also fall under the private sphere.  Each space is under the control of the one whose identity is wrapped up in that space.  For example, here in my blog I am the one who is in control of publication.

Censorship is a word that is far too often bandied about.  And many commenters – including many trolls, spammers, fishers, and con men – will scream censorship when their comments are deleted or not allowed to be published.

HOWEVER, it is only censorship if there is NO way for a person to communicate their information/ideas.  Every single one of those commenters who scream about censorship has the ability to communicate their information/ideas anywhere else they wish.  They can start their own blog, they can post it to their Facebook wall (or any Facebook group that will allow them to post), they can post it to Google+ or to Twitter.  Hell, there’s a whole slew of places on the Internet that they can communicate.

It’s only in the areas under my control that I am denying their right to communicate.  It is no different from throwing a guest out of my house for discussing subjects that are not socially appropriate for my private space.  I live with my minor nephew, there ARE subjects that are inappropriate in the house.  And I am aware of those rules, and do not discuss those subjects in his presence, nor will I allow any guest of mine to do so.

Blog comments are exactly the same as this.  The quote when speaking of Facebook comes down to: “My wall, my choice.  Your wall, your choice.”  I take that stance here on my blog as well.  My blog, my choice.  Your blog, your choice.

I have absolutely nothing against discussing any controversial subject, but when it comes to my posts, I do require that the comment have some connection to the post on which it is published.  Random ranting (religious or not), with no connection to the post on which it is published is immediately deleted.  It’s not persecution of a particular religion or religious expression, it is simply not allowing it to be stated in this space.

I won’t allow abusive discussions either.  Misogyny AND misandry are BOTH anathema, as are discussions involving extolling the so-called virtues of abuse, bullying, murder, pedophilia, or any other activity that harms another.  I expect discussions of those very subjects on this blog, but I will not publish any comment that glorifies such behavior.

But again, there are many places where it is not only welcome to have such discussions, but encouraged – Reddit, for example.  Losing the ability to make such comments on my small corner of the Internet, is not exactly a huge issue.

Of course, that brings up another issue. I’m exceedingly careful about who I accept ping-backs from. I’m more than well aware that reciprocal links increase SEO (search engine optimization). However, I also know that random ones (i.e. scam/spam) decrease them.

So, when I check out someone else’s site, and it is completely unintelligible, I’m not going to give someone that opening.

While I’m fairly sure this was a bullshit attempt to play games, there was just enough understandable so as to get me thinking. There are a few options the person could be, besides a con-man:

  1. foreign, but relying on something like Google Translate to change to English.
  2. faking foreign by translating into some other language then back to English
  3. have some form of learning disability OTHER THAN dyslexia. I know far to many people with dyslexia to think that unintelligibility is part of their problem.

Plus, this idiot seems to define anyone not a Christian as being an animal, and therefore it is perfectly reasonable to have sex with any non-Christian minor because the are “only animals.”

No one who thinks pedophilia is “OK” writes on this blog. Whether they do so coherently or not.

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