Christian Views about Body “Ownership”

via This Pastor Just Said a Woman Doesn’t Have Right to Her Body — “It All Belongs to God”

The headline is, let’s face it, click bait.

But, the concept behind it, that the “human body belongs to God” (yes, all humans – not just women, but men as well), that’s sound Christian doctrine.  By the basics of Christian doctrine, God – through Jesus Christ – BOUGHT every human body through His death and resurrection.  Therefore, for the typical Christian, if you truly believe that Christ is your Savior, you must acknowledge that your body is “a temple unto the Lord.”

And this is all well and good, unless you attempt to use that doctrine to force NON-Christians to believe and act as if they are Christians.

I’m not going to judge any Christian who happens to be pro-choice.  I believe that that is an issue to be dealt with between that person and their God.  But, from a doctrinal standpoint, they are sinning.  And as for anyone else of any other faith, their stance on the abortion issue is ALSO between them and their form of the Divine.

But how many of those pro-life protesters stop and ask if someone is a Christian before they harangue that person for potentially choosing an abortion (because not all women going into a clinic that does abortion go there for an abortion.  Some are actually going there for prenatal care)?

But, wait……there’s more!!

Since according to the Bible, NO Christian owns their own body, but is only a steward of it for their God, that means SO much more.  Let’s list a couple of those things:

  • Masturbation is a sin, so any Christian who does so, is desecrating the “temple of God.”
  • Pornography is a sin because it incites lust in the viewer, so all Christians who watch porn regardless of gender are sinning.
  • Rape is a sin against both God and humanity, because sex must be limited to between husband and wife.  (I won’t get into the deeper realms of whether or not Christianity believes that raping one’s wife is justified – that’s a rabbit hole that is too deep to discuss in one blog post) It’s a sin against humanity, because the base concept is that any woman is technically under the authority of a man, whether it is father, brother or husband – so, a rapist is technically sinning against the authority of another man.
  • Drinking to excess is a sin, desecrating the temple.
  • Ignoring your “neighbor” in trouble or need is a sin.
  • Judging someone else is a sin.
  • Harming any child is a sin.

I could go on, but I’m getting a bit nauseous here.

Essentially, for any Christian, anything not laid out as necessary for following Christ is desecration of the body as the “temple of the Lord.”

But NO WHERE in the Bible does it say that any non-believer should be measured with the same stick that a believer does!  In fact, Revelation 11:1-2 specifically states that unbelievers (who are outside of the Temple of the Lord) must be excluded from measurement.

My childhood taught me that as a Christian, one must come to Christ with an open heart and innocent spirit, as a child is.  What many of these so-called Christians (yes, I don’t believe that these people who preach hate are anything but Pharisees and Sadducees, hypocrites in the eyes of their God) seem to be saying is that all must come to Christ – either by choice or BY FORCE.  They use the Bible as a battle engine, destroying walls no matter what number of innocents are harmed in the process.

That’s not the kind of Christianity I grew up with, and it is CERTAINLY not the kind of Christianity my sister, or my nephews or my parents live every day of their lives.

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