#Drawlloween 4 (Yes, I know it’s November)

This one was supposed to be haunted houses and werewolves.  While the castle is there, and is suitably spooky, I’m not sure it qualifies 100%, particularly since I got so focused on the idea of the wolf pack.

But, it was worth it.

The Pack RestsGetting permission to  use the items was a bit more simple this time around.

Adobe Stock ImagesAdobe Stock

The werewolf down front, and the wolf in the middle come from Adobe Stock.  I purchased a single license for each image.  Technically, they state the male image as vampire, but he was just brooding enough, and in the right pose for the visual I was looking for.

The additional hair was added using the techniques and brushmaking from the Phlearn tutoral on How to Make Facial Hair.  It was fun to follow along.  I’m not sure I 100% like the guy doing it (I prefer Deke McClelland from Lynda.com), but it was a pretty important piece, particularly if I’m going to be doing more male compositing.

Both of these images were quite a challenge to remove from their backgrounds.  Masking images, particularly images that are as similar to their backgrounds in color, hue and luminosity, is a huge challenge.  As much as it took a lot of detail work, I was eventually able to do it on both images.

Compot StockCompot Stock

These were a bit easier to work together, as both were foggy and I just needed to match up their colors a bit.  I personally believe playing with fog makes up for a lot of inconsistencies in a photo.

The stock items come from a woman photographer from Romania, so I have to assume the places they depict are located in Romania.  Wherever they are, the landscapes are just utterly beautiful.

Her stock photos are licensed for free for non-commercial work – requesting only a link to the completed piece.  I’ll be doing that once I finish this blog post.  If you enjoy doing any kind of compositing of images, be sure to check her stock, you’ll regret not seeing it.

Irish CastleIrish Castle

The castle comes from a Windows theme named Ireland. I’ve been itching to use some of those images in these composites, but couldn’t find a particular image that was appropriate until this one.

And the moon, of course, is pretty much available anywhere.

Turning these images not only into a night time scene, but also a full moonlight night scene has it’s own issues and concerns.  I’m still not 100% happy with it, but again, I can work on it more later.

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